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Warm Fuzzies of Blogging

Warmandfuzzyone I'm a terrible golfer. I enjoy blithely swinging at balls and spending the time outdoors but I have no talent or skill for the sport. I golf about once a year and my absolute favorite part is the golfer's etiquette. I'll be swinging and missing and finally the ball will basically fall off the tee. At this point the rest of the foursome will say something affirming like, "Good effort!" The first time I heard this I thought, "Oh this is for me." After all, who doesn't like to be affirmed for their effort?

Thus far the blogging community is much the same. I'm learning, trying, stumbling my way around and every so often someone responds to my outreach of gratitude with an affirmation. How cool is that!

This week I have a few warm fuzzy awards to bestow.

Mike Sansone - Mr. conversation! Why blog, how to blog, find help. A consistently terrific resource.

Sandra Renshaw - You keep directing me to really compelling stuff! Thanks.

Drew McLellan - Each post is fun to read and makes me think.

Kyle's Cove - Ohhhhhhh. I sort of get it now. Thanks.

Valeria Maltoni - Wow. Inspiration in a blog.

I just don't stop learning and each link takes me to something cooler and something new.

My Warm and Fuzzy bloppers. Our dog Poochie was not cooperating.

Warmandfuzzythree Warmandfuzzytwo Warmandfuzzyfour


Sandy Renshaw

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for the link. It's always fun to see you and read your blog. Glad I can be a resource.


Sandy Renshaw

You're doing great!! We all learn more every day.

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