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Marsha Hines

Bringing Harmony & Balance to Your Life

When energy is aligned, there is harmony                                    Realization_4

For your body, mind, and spirit Marsha offers therapeutic energy-based approaches and tools for healing and personal growth through Healing Touch and Reiki.

For your home or office, she applies Feng Shui principles to balance and enhance the positive flow of energy in your surroundings through the use of proper placement, color, sound and movement.

Personalized services offered:

  • Healing Touch and Reiki Energy Work (generally a one hour session)                           
  • Feng Shui principles consultation and application of the principles in home or office   
  • Creating warmth & beauty in your space by re-decorating and re-arranging                  
  • Organizing, sorting, recycling, hauling away household items                                     
  • Real Estate Staging                                                                                                   
  • Personal shopping - gifts or home accents

Service and consultation fee of $50.00 an hour and $10 travel fee for personal shopping.             

Marshahines_2All services include motivation, ideas, coaching & inspiration

Marsha Hines 770.4418 marshahines@msn.com

No tree hugger but maybe...

Tree_hugger Starting a buy local program is my way of responding to all the news about the global economy and environmental issues. But what I make clear here is that I'm no "tree hugger". I can't see myself eating bark cereal, or carob chocolate, or banning all white flour from my diet. Not yet anyway. I do own a Prius and I turn off my lights and I walk when I can. Little steps matter and I do want to make a difference working with others who want the same.

What I am learning is that buying local goes hand-in-hand with other organizations that focus on the operative word of sustainability as it relates to food, residential and commercial construction, as well as local economies.

Tapped into that green blog where the topic is sustainability issues and they mention that Chicago is going to have a Green Exchange. The building will be located at 2545 West Diversey Ave. and will house green printing, clothing, car sharing, building and other green services. The building is expected to be completed in 2008.

Not so much green but very much about community I came across this site in the March 2007 issue of Kilplinger's Personal Finance that talks about person-to-person lending at prosper.com. I thought this was very interesting. The way it works is that people or businesses are given credit ratings and then investors can select to fund those people or businesses that they like. The idea is that the investor will get a better yield on their investment (also greater risk) and the borrower will get a better interest rate as that is usually part of their funding request.

I liked what Brett Rogers said about tools. I wouldn't do it any justice to explain it other than to say it's an inspiring blog and well worth reading! Now here is a crazy aside. I went to take a second look at his blog on tools and low and behold he too mentioned prosper.com after I had just talked about it while creating my blog today. Cosmic collective thing and interesting I think.

Small Businesses are joining the network and I'm busy writing copy. My first opportunity to sell the membership cards will come at the Natural Living Expo to be held at Des Moines University on March 3. I'll be there with my booth promoting those merchants who have joined. Also thinking about placing an add listing the merchants in City View...I'm thinking. As I have NO revenue yet perhaps that will have to wait.

Working on Small Business Buzz newsletter for March/Spring and will feature Sherman Hills businesses. Already spoke with Classic Hats for Men and Tony Lemmo of Cafe di Scala. Should be a fun issue.

Chaden Halfhill will be my first pod cast at Entrepreneur People on February 28 at 10:30 a.m. Central. If anyone is interested feel free to call in. we had it scheduled for this week but it had to be bumped.

In talking with people I'm learning very quickly that there is the ask or speak portion of the conversation and then the "keep your mouth shut" part which is VERY important. It's sort of disconcerting to realize that I'm my most intelligent when I'm saying NOTHING! Jeepers.

photos by kupaianaha powered by flickr

Golden Circle Residential and Commercial Cleaning


Duct Cleaning


It just makes sense that dust and dirt will collect in the air ducts of your home. We can’t escape the dust that comes in with us, our pets, and the constant inflow of air from outside. The dirt that settles in your business or home ducts will re-circulate throughout your space each day even as the dust continues to build. You can take a healthy step to ridding yourself of this unhealthy circulation process by utilizing the Golden Circle Air Duct Cleaning Service. Golden Circle uses a specially designed Rotobrush Duct cleaning system that gently and effectively removes the buildup without harsh chemicals, and then sanitizes the vents and ducts for a safer and cleaner air environment for you and your family.

Golden Circle Carpet Cleaning
Golden Circle uses a safe and efficient restorative cleaning process to keep the carpets in your home or business looking new and lasting longer. 

Janitorial Services 
Safe, efficient and bonded expertises to assure that your needs are met in cleaning your business. Family owned and operated so you will talk to people who really care about your business and your continued satisfaction.

Resilient Floor Care 
Golden Circle is specially geared for all types of tile floor maintenance. They will safely strip and wax your tile floors to keep your them looking their best.

Construction Cleanup 
Golden Circle is an efficient and reliable partner is assuring that your construction work is completely cleaned of dust and grime after the work is done. Clean your construction site professionally with trained staff that resolves the specific challenges of post-construction cleanup.

Learn more about this service by contacting
Scott Newel
1975 NW 92nd Ct. Suite C

Top Ten Tips to Consider When Selecting a Plumber

Plumber 1)  Find out what the base hourly fee is for their service.

2)  Always check on bonding and insurance of the workers, and professional associations.

3) Ask how they charge for additional time. Is it in 15, 30, or 60-minute increments.

4) How long will the job reasonably take?

5)  What are the probable material costs over the labor?

6) Will they install other vendor's merchandise?

7) Does the job site need special preparation or cleaning for the work ahead of time?

8) What is the process for handling additional problems/costs as they may arise?

9) How long is the work guaranteed for?

10) Is there anything that as a non-skilled person I can do to reduce the expense?

Tips from AJ Plumbing

Pleasant Hill, IA

photo by Jason Shellen powered by flickr

Blogging Slacker

Slacker I've been a blog-slacker this past week or so and haven't checked my feed for about that long too. I spent some time in Cincinnati early in the week and then I've been working on copy for the new businesses that are joining the dsmBUZZ network. I've also been thinking...which requires lots of extra energy. But that aside I did have one nonbusiness experience that gave me pause.

About Thursday I was busy having coffee with a new acquaintance named Rita Perea at La Mie. We had been chatting about an hour and I had consumed one large Mocha latte and a croissant with fresh blueberry preserves. I was enjoying the conversation when all of the sudden I felt this weird sense that the world was spinning and darkness was closing in on my vision. I sat there trying to look like I was still engaged in what Rita was saying but really I was thinking, "Crap! If I don't focus I think I'll pass out." Rita is busy talking and I'm smiling and breathing and thinking, "Slow down Sherry. Get home and regroup."

Well the short end of the story is after a few calls, setting an appointment with a doctor, and some rest I pondered my medical options. Could I have something wrong with me? I'm getting older after all. Later good Dr. Stephen Eckstat discerned my ears were waxy and the combo of flight and plugged ears was the culprit. I feel great now and definitely a sense of reprieve from some of the stuff I considered might be wrong with me.

The lesson of that story for me is to SLOW down and let things evolve a bit. Definitely be grateful. Never assume the worst. Good lessons and cheap at the cost of one doctor visit.

dsmBUZZ has been adding businesses to the network though and we've got more coming next week. I've also considered changing the order of pages on the web site so that a more robust About dsmBUZZ page is the first that the site opens to instead of the blog page. I think this will make more sense to people when they come to find us.

A critical lesson on talking with small businesses has definitely been learned. Do everything you can to make the project EASY for them. They're too busy. Also, make sure they know how YOU make money. As merchants they want to understand that right away about the venture you propose otherwise they get stressed.

Some great things coming up for us to do.

  • We're working on the spring Small Business Buzz newsletter and will cover businesses in Sherman Hills. I love that neighborhood.
  • We will have our first podcast with Chaden Halfhill of Silent Rivers Design and Build next week. It's taken me a week just to learn how to use Blogtalkradio and I still can't hang the button on my sidebar but I'm getting there.

Noteworthy stuff off to the side:

I've gotten word from Mike Sansone to pass on this info about an upcoming blogging conference to take place in Chicago. Here is the info.

"Take Your Blogging to the Next Level
A Relationship Bloggers' Conference and Networking Event
Community, Friday, May 11, 2007, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Christine Kane, popular guitarist, singer, blogger LIVE
Open Mic Night Cocktail Party – Live community event (multiple microphones) Take the conversation out of the comment box!
Speakers, Saturday, May 12, 2007, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Phil Gerbyshak, Make It Great! Relationship Geek
Liz Strauss, Successful-Blog SOB and BAD Blogger
David Armano, Logic+Emotion
Terry Starbucker, Ramblings from a Glass Half Full, Rodney Rumford, PodBlaze, Ben Yoskovitz, Instigator Blog 
Mike Sansone, Converstations and a few surprises
Chris Cree Success CREEations, Scott Rafer, MyBlogLog , Janice Myint, Technorati
Wendy Piersall, emomsathome ,
Interactive presentations on publishing, design and branding, tools, analytics, social networking, marketing, and coaching -- all from the perspectives of the relationship blogger and the audience.

Only 250 attendees will be accepted then the conference will be sold out.

C'mon you're not a stranger anymore!"

As an aside, I notice that there is a button in the info that I should be able to put on my sidebar but as you know I'm sidebar button challenged. Sounds like a fun gig though. Thanks for forwarding the info Mike!

Otherwise. I plan to be on the blogging trail this week. Have other interesting things I've picked up to talk about and of course more businesses too.

image by grand poo of awesome powered by flickr

Wine Etc. - dsmBUZZ members receive a Free Corkscrew with Purchase

Winelogo 2821 Beaver Ave. Des Moines, IA  50310    phone:  (515) 710-0212

We will be opening Wine Etc. in the new Joe's Square (old Bond's location) in the fall of 2007. A new building, a new Wine store and a long time dream will come to fruition for us as we open our doors to serve you and your Wine desires. We intend to offer great prices on individual and case lots of domestic and international wines, along with accessories for the wine lover.

Nancy Chavannes and Pat McGoldrick bring to Beaverdale extensive industry experience and excellent palates to help you get the wine you want at the right price.

Today you can obtain Wine, or wine accessories, by calling us and sharing what you like or where you want it delivered. Our temporary phone is (515)710-0212, or stop by our location in the Kaleidoscope in downtown Des Moines. We can normally deliver within five days and would welcome your order.

The Maids Home Services


Nothing improves our sense of well-being more than a clean home. It’s true, we feel better, more energized and focused in our daily activities when our living surroundings are fresh, clean, and healthy. The Maids Home Services in Clive, Iowa provides professional cleaning services to individuals and families to help them feel more at home in their home.

The Maids Home Services utilizes what is called the “Healthy Touch 22-step cleaning system” which ensures a consistent and quality result in keeping your home at its best.  Cleaning solutions are environmentally safe and the staff are experts in the system, providing efficient and secure work. 

The Maids Home Services is a family owned and operated business so they truly care about your experience. They guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Contact Christina Deardorff to learn more about how The Maids Home Services can help you.
1975 N.W. 92nd Court Suite C
Clive, IA  50325
Office 515.401-6243
Cell    515.371.4801

Purple Wren

Purplewrenlogo_2_1Call Sandy at 515-745-9978 e-mail her at sandy@purplewren.com


Purple Wren offers a host of promotional services for area businesses, including affordable Web development. Owner, Sandy Renshaw, specializes in solving business needs and improving client visibility using the latest communications technologies and techniques.

Get your message out! Make a greater impact with professionally designed presentations, publications and on-line presence.

Contact Purple Wren and watch your promotional efforts take flight!

Ego's Watch & Wear - dsmBUZZ members receive one FREE Forever New Fabric Care Wash with regular priced purchase of $50 or more

Egosfinal_5100 5th St. WDM, IA  50265  (515)440.3638

Ego’s Watch & Wear is for the woman who wants to look great AND feel comfortable. Apparel is boutique-quality and specifically selected to provide timeless style and value. Ego’s offers a pleasant and personal shopping experience for women who want easy-to-wear fashion.

The apparel at Ego’s is styled for long-lasting comfort. The selection is quite versatile, with both innovative and classic European flair, and all the fashions are created to mix and match. Ego’s carries lifestyle clothing meant to flatter the unique shapes of women so you look your very best while feeling comfortable.

Distinctive watches and accessories: Quality crafted jewelry and timepieces in a unique selection to help
draw attention to your best assets and extend the variety of your wardrobe. You’ll be proud to model the polished looks that you get with the accessories at Ego’s Watch & Wear.    

All clothing and accessory lines have been carefully chosen to afford you an exclusive shopping experience in the Des Moines area. Some of the lines include:

French Dressing Jeanswear

Picadilly Fashions

Forever New Fabric Care is specially formulated to gently clean your favorite clothing. Forever New Fabric Care helps to preserve the life of garments made with memory fibers.

Come in and try clothing that caters to your Ego.

At Ego’s they took the time to learn my personal style and helped me find clothes that worked for me. I enjoy my clothes from Ego’s and get compliments because the clothes really do look and feel great.” customer Valerie Carlson

AJ Plumbing

Pleasant Hill, IA 50327      (515) 299-3049

Buffalospringfield Call AJ Plumbing to speak with a professional about your plumbing needs and they’ll listen. AJ Plumbing has skilled and reliable service technicians to walk through the process of your project so you will know just what it takes to do your job right. More than offering “affordable” services, AJ Plumbing will work to make sure you get the best value for your service dollar. 

AJ Plumbing is equipped for small and large projects on both commercial and residential sites. Whether the job is for remodeling, construction, back flow testing or repair, AJ Plumbing is fully skilled and staffed to resolve all the plumbing requirements for your job.

All technicians are bonded, licensed, and insured, and AJ Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business so they care about your complete satisfaction.

If you need trusted and reliable plumbing services contact AJ Plumbing your plumbing expert.

image by: buffalospringfield powered by flickr

or call 515-274-6703.


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