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Could dsmBUZZ win the ideacafe grant?

Businessownersideacafe If you have a business and are interested in receiving opportunities for grants, marketing ideas, and other resources then sign up for a free membership on ideacafe.com...Oh yeah, and while you're there could you please vote for dsmBUZZ to win the latest $1000 grant offering. We're finalist and need votes to win the grant. We'll be sharing this information with anyone who might want the kind of resources ideacafe offers and also would like to help us too. Check out this link to learn who the finalists are.


the sweet smell of success, Andrea Foley of Diaper DuDee

A big thank you first to blogtalkradio! When I have questions or issues their support is always prompt and helpful. There have been few times I've had a need to contact them but when I do they get right back to me. I'm a blogtalkradio fan!

DiaperbabyThank you to Andrea Foley for sharing her story and her business called Diaper DuDee. Andrea provides a lot of information that was news to me and will probably surprise many listeners of Entrepreneur People Real Stories.

Check out what Andrea has to say and if you have a baby that goes twice.

Download diaper_dudee.wma

photo by sam 'n' bam's photos, powered by flickr

Summer 2007 Newsletter, shops on East Grand in Des Moines

Check out the stories about small business owners on East Grand just past the state capitol. Also catch an update on the progress buy locally is making in building community and the clues for members of Guess that Small Business.

Download v3_summer_issue_final.pdf

the gift of thought

The power outage in California yesterday provides a moment to reflect on the contribution of energy and how it impacts our personal and professional lives. How many of us for example, depend on the Internet for our businesses? Not to mention it's assistance in shopping, communication, and entertainment?

I heard an interview recently on public radio (can't remember the book title or author at the moment) about how our reliance on computers has increased our energy demands. For me the question that comes of this information is...do I feel guilty about being an energy glutton or find alternative ways in life to balance out my energy use? I can't come close to being balanced but I can make the effort.

Yesterday I visited with Jule at Be The Butterfly to chat about dsmBUZZ and also do a bit of shopping for a gift. Now I point out that I drove to Ankeny so there was energy used and tomorrow I'm flying out of Des Moines to New Jersey which means more energy there.

Btbbox At least my gift and purchase help just a bit to counter this. This lovely box in the photo contains a bowl made with recycled plastic bags woven together. The special and unique gift boxes from Be the Butterfly are chocolate brown made from recycled cardboard. The periwinkle blue ribbon is made with hemp.

I also picked up a new wallet which, as you can see pictured here, isBtbnewwallet  made with a recycled movie poster. For me that is wonderful in that it is recycled AND I enjoy anything movies. The wallet comes from a company that Jule carries called www.ecoist.com.

I enjoyed the shopping experience at Be the Butterfly especially because Jule has a wealth of interesting information and stories to share about the items she carries. Her enthusiasm for health and environment, and her attention to service, give these environmentally friendly objects an extension of value beyond the products themselves.

Let me know if you want to head out there together and we can share the ride and save gas!

I had a terrific interview yesterday on Entrepreneur People. Real stories. with Andrea Foley of Diaper DuDee but as of now the blogtalkradio site has not archived it. This is very unusual for them and I wonder if it has anything to do with the power outage. I'll post further info on the interview once it's available.

In the meantime, do you have ways you have reduced your energy use in your business or home? Feel free to share them so we can all benefit from the ideas.

When Words Matter

Larry_0601_2 Larry Lehmer, a veteran newspaper reporter and editor, is the president and founder of When Words Matter, Ltd., a Des Moines-based company that provides writing and editing services to small businesses and helps families and businesses preserve their histories.

“Many small businesses can’t afford a staff writer to help them create web content, brochures and press releases,” Larry says. “Those duties often fall to interns or recent hires, probably the least-qualified people on staff. Considering that many companies’ first interaction with potential customers is through these materials, that’s a risky proposition. Communicating clearly and accurately with customers is crucial to a business’ success.”

Besides offering affordable writing and editing help to small businesses, Larry also helps families preserve their legacies by collecting, organizing and saving their stories.

“Researching family history is the No. 2 hobby in the United States, trailing only gardening,” Larry says. “While genealogy is a good start in creating a family tree, it’s the stories behind the names that really bring it to life. That’s where I can help.”

Wwm_logo Since February, Larry has written a personal history blog called Passing It On. It can be found at http://whenwordsmatter.typepad.com.

Larry has over 30 years of writing experience, including 24 years as a senior editor, reporter and newsroom manager at the Des Moines Register. During Larry’s time at The Register, the paper was named one of the country’s top 10 newspapers by Time magazine.

During his newspaper career, Larry was a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Investigative Reporters & Editors. He is a graduate of the American Press Institute in Washington, D.C.

Larry is also the author of The Day the Music Died: The Last Tour of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens (Schirmer Books), which was nominated for the Gleason Music Book Award. As a result of the book’s success, he worked with the E! cable television network in producing an episode of its Mysteries and Scandals series and was a contributor to a VH1 documentary on Buddy Holly.

Clear and accurate communication with customers and potential customers is crucial to a small business’ success. With the When Words Matter media assessment, Larry will review your web site, brochure or catalogue to make certain the message you’re delivering is the message you intend and that it is presented in a clear and accurate manner consistent with your brand. Larry will also look for opportunities to extend your reach into the community beyond paid advertising, such as through targeted press releases.

In the family history assessment, Larry will compare your goals with possible information sources and create a plan that will get you started down the path of saving your family’s legacy through its stories.

Larry has over 30 years of writing experience, including 24 years as a senior editor, reporter and newsroom manager at the Des Moines Register. Larry is also the author of The Day the Music Died: The Last Tour of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens (Schirmer Books), which was nominated for the Gleason Music Book Award.
He founded When Words Matter, Ltd., in 2005.

Larry’s web site can be found at www.whenwordsmatter.com and he can be reached by e-mail at lwlehmer@whenwordsmatter.com or by phone at 515-270-2084.

we're a small business grant semi-finalist!!!!

BusinessownersideacafeI'm whooping it up this morning at 3:44 a.m. I've been notified that dsmBUZZ is a semi-finalist for a $1000 Grant from Business Owners Idea Cafe. We've been narrowed down from a list of 762 international semi-finalists.

If you're a small business owner looking for inspiration and ideas then idea cafe is for you. You can join (free) and tap into this great resource. There are tons of great stories of others who have used the ideas and yield success. 

We'll learn if dsmbuzz makes the next cut on July 28 and my mission between now and then is to let EVERYONE know we've gotten this far. Should I shout it out the window at 4 a.m.?

are you an entrepreneur in disguise? Meet Barbara Winter

Superheros If you have the makings of an entrepreneur in your bones or you're already living the sans job life, you'll want to listen to this high energy, informative interview with our friend Barbara Winter.

Barbarawinter You can listen to the podcast and then check out more about her on her site. Great resources that can help you realize your "Joyfully Jobless" dreams.

Download barbara_winter.wma

photo by kaygey_b powered by flickr

good stuff happening

Rooster_by_mikka22 I'm crowing because this week has started off great!

I was thrilled to be on Michael Libbie's radio show called Highway 6. Every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. he addresses issues that concern people living the rural life. Why would people living out in rural areas care about locally owned businesses? They've been watching the independent stores closing for years. People living out are forced to make more trips further in to make purchases and so their town businesses continue to decrease.

As an added bonus to having time to talk about my business it was very fun to see a seasoned interview and radio professional at work. Plus I learned something new about why Michael is particularly interested in rural living. Michael, where do you keep your bib overalls?

Thanks to Steven Rucinkski from Small Business Trends Wire for the awesome podcast review. I checked out other reviews by Steven and was so impressed with his concisely written overviews of the many podcasts that are out there offering up information. WOW! Thanks Steven for doing these reviews. I see many other podcasts that it will be great to listen to and now I know what they offer and where to find them. Thank you.

Yesterday I got to sit and talk shop with Mary Kay Van Buskirk Morrow of KClocalcolor. We shared stories about our businesses and how we might, at some point, be able to collaborate and take our mission national. Can we congeal the non-profit organizations out there and those of us (so far we've only found the 2 of us) who are trying to build a business from promoting the idea of networking and promoting locally owned businesses? In the meantime, I think she went off to take a look at Des Moines downtown after our lunch together at Gateway Market.

Finally, so excited to remind you that today I'll be speaking with Barbara Winter on my podcast Entrepenreur People. Real Stories. This woman rocks when it comes to inspiration to go out there and live your dream of owning your own business. Be sure to check out her interview later today.

photo by mikka22 powered by flickr

checking the plumbing

I procrastinated long enough and decided it was time to call the plumber to fix a few issues in the house. AJ Plumbing is a merchant in the dsmBUZZ network so I gave them a call.  In the first couple of video segments I explain the issues in the house and then Chuck of AJ Plumbing takes over in the next videos with information about what he has fixed and a few plumbing tips.

Here is Chuck telling me what can be fixed and what is better left alone for the minute. First the stuff in the bathroom and then the line to the outside faucet.

Thanks Chuck!

An interview with MaryBeth Gardam about Corrugated Solutions

Cor_id_brown How does an entrepreneur find the stamina to keep going when things are not moving as they would like? It's a question I'm asking myself these days. How do I regroup, find my way to success, and stay positive?

Here is an inspiring interview with Marybeth Gardam who has been working very diligently in the past three years to build her business Corrugated Solutions. What helps her stay motivated? What has she learned? Find out about the product Corru-fill that can reduce the cost of shipping AND even more importantly clean up our landfills of dangerous petroleum products. 

I also extend a challenge to blog for a better environment and help Marybeth spread the message. Take a listen and learn how you can wield your mighty power to businesses who use shipping materials like bubble wrap and foam peanuts.

Download corrugated_solutions_interview.wma

or call 515-274-6703.


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