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Career Management Associates

William C. Grimes, Jr.
Senior Vice President
Career Management Associates
515.309.5530 phone
515.309.9049 fax

Cmalogo With over 75 years of experience Career Management Associates staffing and training experts can assist you with temporary, temp-to-hire, contract-to-hire, direct hire, executive search, long and short-term project work, as well as various training needs. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: Staffing (Administrative, Finance and Accounting, Technical, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Information Technology), Executive Development (Documentation Creation, Career Counseling, Personality Testing, and Strategic Employee Marketing), Government Services, and Training.

Career Management Associates is a 100% locally owned and operated Staffing company.  CMA combines experience, state of the art technology, and a proven process to bridge the ever widening gap between employer and employee. Industry labor experts are predicting an extreme shortage in quality personnel due to the retiring labor force during the next 5 years. This shortage will require all companies, both large and small, to invest a significant amount of dollars to improve their hiring process to remain competitive. The use of staffing companies has been and will continue to be the most fiscally responsible solution. Choosing the right company is up to you.

Career Management Associates is a contingency staffing company and 1 of only 199 companies in the United States authorized through the Government Services Administration to provide temporary, administrative, and professional staffing solutions to the Federal Government. Career Management Associates sets itself apart through its staff of industry experts, experience, technology, and process.

The Coffee Barn Roasterie

Carl Fields
The Coffee barn Roasterie
120 First Ave North, Suite G
Altoona, IA 50009
email carl@thecoffeebarn.com

Coffeebarn We custom roast specialty coffee to exactly what the customer wants. We are able to roast it 1 lb at a time. I am in business because no one in this area offers that service. I am also very good at what I do so along with the custom roasting we offer an education about coffee. Coffee is something that offers fellowship and we offer that to every customer. The coffee is always on here and you can come in for a free cup of coffee of the day, talk coffee, have lunch and smell why we go to all the trouble.

Also, buy your Great Iowa Wines here!

Bella*K Portrait & Event Photography

Kristi Stephens
Studio Owner
Bella*K Portrait & Event Photography
630 SE Whiteail Lane
Waukee, IA 50263

Kristi_bridal_portait I love the opportunity a photographer has in life. You are able to spend the happiest day and times with people. It is such an amazing gift to be chosen as a wedding and family photographer. For weddings you are invited into one of the most special days in their lives, and are there every step of the way documenting the emotions and the family. From our wedding photography we have now branched out into doing pregnancy portraits. I think this is my favorite type of photography right now. How amazing it is to share their stories and the birth of their children with me. I have so much fun and sometimes I have to think...I don't ever see myself doing anything else. I am truly blessed.

Bella*K Portrait and Event Photography is a home-based photography studio. There is no waiting and no inexperienced photographers taking your portraits. You will never feel like a number, but you will feel like a friend. We offer several unique programs. Our first is Bella Babies: Bella Babies is a program for babies newborn to 15 months. Photographs can be taken every month if the parents would like. We have the portraits taken on Black, White, Blue, or Pink backgrounds. Packages range from $50-$150. Or for newborns to children of 12 there's the Little Smiles program with seasonal themes.

Our newest program is our Limited Edition Portraits. Children get to play make believe in our fairy tales and story themes. In our Limited Edition Sessions, children will be provided with costumes to wear and we have elaborate sets. Our next theme is Patchwork Pumpkin Patch! It's sure to be a blast. Packages range from $50 and up.

We have many types of sessions available from the littlest baby to the large families of 30 or more. We can fulfil your needs. Even though we are not a huge business we are large enough to get your portraits done and small enough to care about you. We want to be your photographer for a lifetime.

#21 Art Dinkin - Excellent tips on why, how, and what of financial planning

Artdinkin In this 21st podcast, we visit with Art Dinkin who is a financial planner and blogger on the subject of financial planning. If you're like me, there is a lot of fear and stress associated with money and planning for the future.

In this 35 minute segment, Art shares advice on how to pick the right financial planner and what to expect from one. Also, don't be alarmed that there are a few seconds of silence before we head into the interview. It was prerecorded and I was technically challenged at hitting my "start" button.

Download 21_art_dinkin_financial_planning.wma

Prairie Land Pantry

Prairieland_pantry I started my business 14 years ago so I could stay home with my children. As they grew, my business did too. The first few years I developed a line on scented candles, then I added a line of handmade soaps and body products. I was ready for a change and that is when Prairieland Pantry was born.

I have always loved to cook and try new recipes. I wanted to create baking and dip mixes that would be quick and easy, only requiring the addition of a couple of ingredients, yet taste home made. Our slogan is "Bringing home made quality and taste to your table with our quick and easy dips and mixes." I create all of my own recipes and design all of the packaging. My family gets to do all of my taste testing on new recipes, if it doesn't make it past them, it doesn't make to my product line.

I was born and raised on an Iowa farm and am still just a country girl at heart, and I think it shows in my product line which includes: hearty soups, beer breads, salads, dips, no bake cheesecakes, desserts, and cheese balls. One unique mix that sells a lot is "Mom's Best Buttermilk Coffee Cake"  My mom used to make it for me when I was little and I converted the recipe to a baking mix. It's not your typical  coffee cake, there is a warm buttermilk sauce that you pour over the cake when it is done.

Mindy Ward, Kellog, IA 641-236-6856, www.prairielandpantry.com, dmward@pcpartner.net

finding janet green

Sunrise It's strange how things work... (karma, the universe, forces, energy, whatever). I'm looking at my list in my RSS feed and realizing I've not added anyone new for some time. Partly that's because when I hit the add button the site just won't add in my feed (I'm doing something wrong), and also because I don't explore enough. That's the point of these Sunday peruses and making the effort to look outside my feed a bit.

Anyway, back to the strange connection of things. I got this lovely email from Janet Green asking me if she can post about dsmBUZZ on her blog. "How nice," I say. "Thank you." So today, I decide to venture out and "meet" a new blogger. I put "small business marketing ideas" in the google search and hit go.

There she is, this women named Janet Green and another of her sites called  marketing idea blog. How wonderful! I feel very foolish for being so late to know about Janet. As I look at her bloglog of readers on the side panel, there are other people I recognize who already knew so I'm like the last person to get up to speed. Better late than never though as Janet has very interesting and helpful insights to share on marketing and she is such a good writer.

I especially enjoyed her post on how to be photographed . She talks about the standard business pose seen in so many business photos these days.  Can you guess what it might be? You'll never see me doing that kind of stance in any photo! I also enjoyed the post on the news releases which provides a nice bullet points to keep in mind. I'm starting to get into this pitching the story and news releases. It's pretty fun and I might really like cultivating the skill I think. Thanks for that information Janet.

We're heading into my very favorite time of year here in the Midwest. Fall marks a beginning for me. I feel a renewal of energy and a sense of realignment with other aspects of life. I'm susceptible to the beauty of landscape changes that come about. It is particularly lovely in Iowa with crisper temps and color changes.

Thoughts of fresh beginnings makes looking at soul of the prairie a particular joy. Feast on the lovely landscape of Iowa.

Thanks for reading!

photo by inkywretch powered by flickr

a business closes it's doors

Cookry_space I feel sad. The Cookry on University in Des Moines, Iowa had to close its doors. I was really shocked because I had not been there to eat in several months and hadn't noticed the sign missing when I drove past.

I heard about it from Jennifer over at eden and still had to go look to be certain. Sure enough the sign is gone and the space is vacant.  If you look at the photo that is where Cookry used to be, Cookry is clearly gone and a new business is moving in.

I emailed Chris Jackson who was the owner to express my sadness. He said he is doing some catering and hopeful to open up again. I think I remember him explaining that he was working a 40-hour a week job AND working to build business at the restaurant.

I hope that he can open again so we can have his great African food here and because it was his dream. I'll miss his fried plantains until then.

Feeling sad reminds me that it's important to focus on the positive. I take in a dose of uplift frequently at Gretchen Rubin's blog The Happiness Project. She has a lovely writing style and offers a chance to think about interesting concepts and offer up tips on the pursuit of happiness.

Melinda Toyne of In Any Event

InanyeventYour company has a large event in the future and you've been given the task of organizing the details. The big day occurs and after months of planning, hours spent at night over lists, days filled with calls when other work didn't get done, you are finally witnessing the outcome of all your work.

It starts with the little things. The programs aren't back from the printer. The servers who should have been in tuxes are wearing Hawaiian shirts, and the DJ looks to be coming from a bad 70s prom.

This isn't quite what you had planned but all eyes are looking at every detail. What was bad becomes worse. The speaker's microphone stops working. The tent everyone is standing under blows over. And finally, the sprinkler system springs to life.

Could this situation have been avoided? Can you delegate to a professional for a better outcome and a dose of sanity?

Take a listen to the stories and tips of Melinda Toyne of In Any Event.

Download melinda_toyne_in_any_event.wma

podcasting for bucks?

Buck I happened on to Leesa Barnes by way of listening to another podcast where she was interviewed. I was instantly hooked first by her manner of speaking which is very "up" but at the same time relaxed and authentic.

On her blog Podonomics (which is only one of several sites and podcasts that she provides) there is a wealth of information about the subject of turning a podcast into a revenue stream. This perks my interest as I've discovered I'm enamored with podcasting and my own program Entrepreneur People.

I subscribed to Leesa's five days of tips on how to grow your audience for your podcast and found the tips really useful. On Podonomics she has a link called FAQs which provides several helpful resources to someone who wants to get started or build on their podcasting effort.

My favorite post so far is her discussion of podcast advertising. Leesa makes the point that advertising on a podcast should be handled differently than you might expect from TV or radio. She explains that podcasts are very targeted and that they are "evergreen" in that people can access them indefinitely. Her point is that advertising does not need to be so aggressive.

Personally, I don't care for podcasts that look and sound like talk radio with high production noise and breaks from the program that are blatantly focused on advertising. I prefer podcasts that are quieter and gently build a relationship with me by providing good content rather than loud and glitzy presentation.

All this has got me thinking much larger about Entrepreneur People. My goal now is to interview entrepreneurs all over the world and incorporate webcasting too. So sponsor contenders if you want to engage your audience of small businesses people through content and authentic relationship...give me a jangle!

photo by cwalker71, powered by flickr

my secret - not a fancy package but useful

Landscape It's only taken me 45 years to learn the secret but now that I've got it, I'll share it with you right here. No glitzy media campaign and no momentous lead up. Are you ready? The trick to getting the things done that you've told yourself are important to you is to do them in very, very small stages. Ta. Da.

Now probably many of you already know this strategy, but for those of us out there who look at the end result rather than all the pieces along the way, we often postpone making a change because the end just seems too far away.

What's my point here? This is week two of Sunday blog perusal and I'm celebrating the success of getting to.....week two.

This week I spent a lot of time on The Viral Garden getting to know Mack Collier. It was great to really sink into his posts and learn tons of new things I did not know. Rather than regret my own shortcomings, I just hunkered down and felt gratitude this guy is writing. I liked reviewing the scrapbook site he talked about in a recent post.

From Mack's post on blog sponsorship I got to meet Joseph Jaffe and learn about his unique approach to podcast sponsorship. He's on my radar for next week. I'll be sampling the podcasts too.

A postscript on this post. I wrote it and saved it as a draft but forgot to publish it! What a silly thing to do. This is last week's Sunday blog peruse and tomorrow I'll send out another for this Sunday.

photo by Muffet powered by flickr

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