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upcakes if you want them visit pure paper

UpsidedowncupcakecakeIn addition to my strange relationship with baked goods-I love them and they stay with me lovingly right back-my other affection is paper. I enjoy the texture and color of quality paper, and journals, and stationary. In a day where email reigns there is something wonderful about receiving a letter on thick grainy paper or an exquisite invitation to a wedding or party.

If you can relate, or if you're just looking for a great chance to visit East Village then this weekend check out Pure Paper. Owners Barb Niccum and Belinda Goodwin are celebrating their new space at 412 East Sixth Street. On February 2, (Saturday) from 4 to 8 p.m. there will be live music, Champagne, and upcakes. Be sure to ask Barb about the upcakes.

Hope to see you there. I'll be the woman in the corner fondling the Italian paper.

photo by pinkcakebox, powered by flickr

go sign up for free massage with dsmBUZZ merchant

CoffeeandsunshineI'm trying on my hat as a press agent for a couple of the dsmBUZZ merchants. All part of the job I say! Jave B Good and Personal Best Massage are working in tandem to help customers get through the doldrums of February. Doesn't everyone want to escape about this time of year? Here is the press release with full details:

Release:  Immediate
Des Moines, IA :  Patrons who get their morning cup warm up at Java B Good on Ingersoll in February can add on a warm-down to their morning routine …Erin Hefner of Personal Best Massage will be offering chair massages at a discounted price every Tuesday morning in February from 7:00  to 8:30. Guests can enjoy a chair massage with their morning cup of Joe, AND sign up for the drawing to receive a FREE massage from Personal Best.  Massages will be available on 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26.

Each day guests walk through the flora and fauna of Boesen’s to get to Java B Good, located in the east end of 3801 Ingersoll. It’s a great destination to get their morning cup of caffeine and crank it up for the day. Here it is the dead of winter in Iowa and Bryan Marker and Christopher Erickson (owners of Java B. Good) notice the signs that folks are feeling weary.  The weather and other day-to-day stressers take their toll. It’s the end of January and we’re buried in snow and cold, and February is just around the corner promising more of the same. Just as people are recovering from the caucus season, the economic news now heats up.  We don’t need to hear the word recession to know things are tenuous out there.

That ‘s just the sort of thing that got Erin Hefner of Personal Best Massage thinking one recent morning, as she overheard the lament of a patron describe the pressures of the day.  Erin listened and considered the tranquil and secure feeling of this coffee shop; Java B Good is an oasis from the work-a-day life.  She thought how perfect the blend of coffee and massage could be for morning customers, the best of both worlds.  Quick but effective work on the muscles of the neck and shoulders with the rich aroma of top quality coffees in the background would help rejuvenate the body and spirit.  It’s like Hope and Crosby, Abbott and Costello, Rogers and Hart; A great cup and a massage together at java B. Good.   

The idea was gelled and the plan put in place between Java B and Personal Best. Each Tuesday morning in February from 7 to 8:30 a.m. people can get rejuvenated and “re-caffeinated” in one stop, helping manage the doldrums of winter.  Personal Best Massage will be available to offer chair massages at the shop for only $1 a minute on February 5, 12, 19, and 26, and patrons can either enjoy their cup of coffee in the shop with their massage, or ease their stressed muscles and then take their “Joe on the go.” It is indeed the best of both worlds!   

Thanks for reading and stop by to check it out if your in that area.

photo by somewhatfrank powered by flickr

#41 we love local - an interview with Max Jennings

I about lost my lunch when I found out that the UK web site We Love Local has only been in existence about 6 months. It has had a phenomenal response there having started in London and now expanded across the country.

MaxofwelovelocalIn this interview with Max Jennings of emomentum, we learn quite a lot about their new site and how it works to help support local merchants. I think we can tout having interactive "word of mouth" type sites here in the U.S. but the We Love Local venue takes a unique turn or two.

Take a listen and hear what is happening with small business and interactive web sites in the UK. Welovelocallogotransparent_2

#41 Max Jennings Interview about We Love Local

top ten tips to destress fast from Erin Hefner of Personal Best Massage

1)  Head and shoulders can carry the largest burden of our body’s stress. To relax shoulder muscles, place palm of hand on top of shoulder and gently pinch. Turn head toward that shoulder.

2)      Webbing between thumb and first finger, as well as webbing between toes are considered reflex points that can release head stress and discomfort. Grab skin between thumb and forefinger and gently pinch and hold.

3)      Reduce the feelings of stomach pain and discomfort by ingesting or smelling some peppermint.

4)      Lavender is an aroma for relaxation. Using lavender soaps or oils can bring on a sense of well-being.

5)      Pressure in sinuses can be addressed by gently pinching the tips of fingers and toes as well as applying pressure to your cheekbones.

6)      Apply pressure to base of fingers and toes to relieve discomfort around eyes and ears often accompanying sinus congestion.

7)      Epsom salts exfoliate skin and relieve tired feet and muscles. Soak feet or entire body in an Epsom salt bath.

8)      Roll shoulders and breathe deeply.

9)      Rock gently in your seat or rest in a rocking chair. The motion will calm you.

10)  Lay on a tennis ball that has been placed in a sock and roll around over the top of the ball, specifically in the lower back, on hips and areas of lower back stress.

second quarterly coffee recap

A_slice_of_cake_7This post could also be titled what went well and what went wrong.

I placed myself at Java B Good this morning from 7 to 9 a.m. with a large cake from Sweet Binney's. The cake was fabulous! The coffee was also wonderful, and Bryan Marker and Christopher Erickson were very helpful. The atmosphere at Java B Good is lovely as it sits right inside the Boesen's located on Ingersoll, a kind of tropical retreat among flowers and plants.

Shortly after I had stuff in place, poster out and items on display Erin Hefner owner of Personal Touch appeared and we sat over coffee and cake and visited . . . for most of the rest of the time. It turned out to be a great way to hear about her business and her services. We discussed what she is currently doing and an idea emerged of a way to promote her business that will be fun.

I know I didn't remind everyone via Constant Contact which I should have done as I ramp up using that service more efficiently. The only thing I'd mentioned was in the Holiday card sent out a month before the event. I also didn't put notice in the paper. I blame this to being out of sorts this week as my 21-year-old son is headed to South Africa for 2 years to serve in the Peace Corps. I'm feeling sad, happy, nervous and all.

Lessons were learned and I donated substantial cake to Beacon of Life where I found out more about their organization.

Going forward I'm thinking that maybe I should shift these quarterly gatherings to evening events and have them over wine and appetizers and perhaps let people know more often. More to follow.

Thanks for reading!

January 24, 7-9 happy first year dsmBUZZ!

OneyearcakeOn Thursday morning January 24, 7 - 9 a.m. (yea I know this is a little short notice) I'll be at Java B Good on Ingersoll with a large cake made by Sweet Binneys and free-flowing coffee to celebrate the first year of dsmBUZZ. If you can make it, please stop by and have a cup of coffee and cake on dsmBUZZ at this Quarterly Quoffee event. Please act like a virus and spread the word with any merchants you think might be interested in joining dsmBUZZ and finding out more!

photo by happy via, powered by flickr

The 2008 CCG to Buying Locally Owned

Shoplocally_buttonHere is the first Conscious Consumer's Guide to Buying Locally Owned for central Iowa. Each month this directory will be updated to reflect the new merchants who have joined. This version has gone out to the merchants for review and after that it will be sent on a monthly basis to any member consumers who are interested in keeping posted on the increased value of their membership.

Download 2008_ccg_directory.pdf

#40 Artworks Studio - An interview with Laura Comito

PursebylauracomitoartworksstudioI thought of some catchy titles for this post but then thought a bit better of it, although "The Most Famous Bag Lady" still sounds pretty good.

This is a very interesting interview about how to be an artist AND run a business and get them to merge successfully . . . in small town Iowa no less. I just have to think it takes a certain kind of style, stamina, and great marketing to build a sustainable BUSINESS that brings together art and entrepreneurism.

Laura Comito has done both for about 20 years. She recently received some great press for her artistic purses by catching the eye of the Clinton staff during last month's caucus. Her purse brought in a "pretty penny" at a fundraising gig and was signed by Hillary herself who loved it. Find out more about Laura's business and her artistic work both in the studio and in the classes she offers.

In this interview Laura talks about her experiences and provides helpful tips on how to manage time, build community, and ultimately make it happen in a rural setting.

#40 Interview with Laura Comito Artworks Studio

balance yoga lounge

băl´•ance yoga lounge
2202 west first street
ankeny, ia 50023
sandy eimers, rph



Leave stress behind as you enter băĺ▪ance yoga lounge. Soft candlelight, surround sound, and calming aromatherapy greet your arrival to Ankeny’s only dedicated yoga facility. Experience yourself in silence while cultivating awareness within. We offer group and private yoga instruction of Hatha origin with professional instruction and all props necessary to deepen your practice. Gentle, basic, and mixed level classes offered weekly through a drop-in class format.

Visit our web calendar for a complete listing of classes www.balanceyogalounge.com.

băĺ▪ance yoga is the only facility in Iowa to offer yoga as medicine. Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the philosophy and practice of yoga. Yoga therapy is proven effective in managing the symptoms of a wide variety of health conditions including: anxiety, arthritis, back pain, depression, heart disease, insomnia, and migraines. Owner, Sandy Eimers, is a certified yoga instructor, member of the Internal Association of Yoga Therapists and a practicing pharmacist.

brain is a buzz with boundless bounty or brainstorm Recap

I'm BIG on ideas, excessive in energy, and tenacious when my passion is at play. For those of you who have come to know me you know this sometimes means that I veer off point . . . just a bit, here and there.

Brianstephanie_barb_2 With that said, the first order of reporting the results of the brainstorm event which was held on Monday evening at B&B Restaurant and Bar to talk about small business and aligning donations for non-profits and schools efficiently was an INCREDIBLE SUCCESS. (long sentence)

The most tangible reason for the success was Ginger Johnson of Snap who shared her professional ability to ask great questions, elicit ideas, and then hone those ideas into actionable steps was way above board. Even David, my husband, who thought we could do this on our own said thank goodness for Ginger. She kept us on point and did an impeccable job.

Rachel_and_trish The next and very important element of the success of the event was all the incredible and candid feedback of the participants. The list of great brains included: Barb Niccum of Pure Paper, Stephanie Binney of Sweet Binney's, Brian Sweeney of Angie's Kids Zone, David Baker of HALO Capital, Trish Flaherty of Metropolis PA, Rachel McClung a graphic designer, Brian Hobbs of B&B Restaurant and Bar, Kelly Moore of Kelly More Consulting and Des Moines Families.

If you could not make this event and you market to small business or belong to a charitable organization or school you missed an opportunity to really learn just what happens to small business owners every day in terms of the number and types of asks they are approached with to support.

Ginger_and_sherry Thanks to Ginger's excellent organization of all the content provided by everyone there is a very informative compilation of notes from this meeting. If you are interested in participating and learning more you can contact me for the notes that Ginger has created.

In the meantime, my brain is abuzz with ideas and the opportunity is huge!

Thanks for reading!

or call 515-274-6703.


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