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Treasure House

721 North Ankeny Blvd. Ankeny, Iowa phone 515-964-0600
Mon - Thurs 10-8  Fri 10-6   Sat  10-5
Website:  www.treasurehousegifts.net

Marla_1_web_3 Treasure House carries a trove of assorted gift items ranging from small accents such as candles and prints to key design pieces that will make a statement of your great taste. Since it was established in 1979, customers have long enjoyed the ambiance and shopping experience of this outstanding boutique. At Treasure House items are available for both home and personal adornment.

Marla Earp, the new owner of Treasure House, calls the shop a “masterpiece.” She knows the Ankeny community and appreciates the loyal patrons who come seeking just the right gift or item to add a finished touch to any look. Unique finds include:

  • Home decorating items.
  • Home design consulting
  • Collectibles such as Precious Moments, Willow Tree, Jim Shore
  • Yankee Candles
  • Bridal registry
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Beijo purses
  • Baby line including Elegant Baby


Treasure House is a trusted oasis where you can find that perfect piece as well as new jewels sure to capture your eye and imagination. Come in and enjoy!

Thank you perk: a clean burning soy Beanpod Candle with purchase.

photo by Cañas Photography

March 2008 Entrepreneur People interviews - Persistence Pays

Antcanasphotography_2Just what makes the little ol' ant, try to move that rubber tree plant? High hopes of course and persistence. In March I become optimistic that spring is just around the corner. I think it pays to stay persistently positive especially when it is tough to do so. This month Entrepreneur People features several stories of persistence and we also get an education on state of Iowa small business resources.

March 4:  How and what does the Iowa Department of Economic Development do? It turns out a lot. How does this state organization innerrelate to all the other entities helping the state, cities, and towns improve the economic conditions and quality of life for communities here? Several big questions that we'll explore with Mike Tramontina Director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development. If you want a better understanding of the IDED and what is available for your business this should be a good opportunity to get an overview.

March 11: Do you get the "it" of it? Angela Maiers helps teachers help students answer that question as they interpret the ever-growing ocean of information. These days more than ever comprehension is EVERYTHING and much more complex than simply "understanding" content. As learners we all have to navigate, assess, and interpret multiple options of material. I personally can't think of anything more interesting than understanding how we learn and how to learn more in today's media-rich environment. If you're a learner this interview is for you.

March 18: If you've ever been in the "zone" where a group has gathered and ideas are flowing and people are engaged and you LOVED it, then you are one of those people who totally gets the important process of brainstorming. In this interview we'll talk with Ginger Johnson of SNAP who helps businesses, organizations, and many other types of groups harness the ideas of brainstorming and take them to the action phase. There will be good stuff here meant to storm your brain with ideas on how to use this great tool.

March 25: We round out the month with a terrific interview with Jason Walsmith of the band The Nadas. They have a new release due out March 4, called Ghosts Inside These Halls featuring Midwestern rock tunes that are sure to be well-received. Jason shares a great story of persistence, art, and ingenuity as it applies to this industry which is in constant change. If you like to hear engaging conversation, great music, and a tale of success through hard work and talent tune in to this interview.

photo by Cañas Photography

the audacity of it, great music of Scott Davis

Almosttimecover I've been struggling to learn how to use Audacity to edit sound for several projects including the soon to be released Slide Share epic called dsmBUZZ HOW IT WORKS. A STORY. Prepare to be dazzled . . . that is if I can get my Audacity learning curve on the upswing.

In the meantime, I needed a fade out for the podcast Entrepreneur People for a music intro. Scott Davis, a local musician, has a great new CD available titled Almost Time and I've been given permission to use some of his work as an intro. If you've listened to any of the recent podcasts you'll hear me shouting over the intro or abruptly cutting off the music as I fumble to improve the craft of presentation on that. I'll get there.

This morning I've had an "ah-ha" that I think has landed a very good segment for the intro on Entrepreneur People so that the music fades out. Here is that segment:

I love this artist's music so if you like jazz please take a listen to more, find out about the CD Almost Time and check out where to find Scott Davis in concert.

#45 Small Business Trends - An interview with Anita Campbell

Anitacampbell_2Terrific insights for the small business can be found on her website called Small Business Trends covering  anything from marketing a business to making it hum with the newest tools in technology. Anita Campbell CEO and founder of Small Business Trends has created an information dense portal that is recommended reading featured by media such as Entrepreneur People and Wall Street Journal.

Today Anita shares her story of starting her blog and lessons she has learned about building a web based business since she began in 2001.

#45 Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends

Metamorphosis Organic Massage


Organic Massage and Organic Esthetics

202 SW Cherry St
Ankeny, IA 50023
(515) 963-7887

At Metamorphosis Organic Massage and Esthetics our mission is to provide therapeutic massage and bodywork enhancements of your health and wellbeing. Our specialty is catering to the health-minded, eco-conscious individual.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with organic nurturing treatments to provide relaxation and self-healing.

You can relax during your spa experience knowing that the sheets, towels, oils, skin care products, cotton pads, and even the mints and tea we serve are organic.

Kambra Wylie, LMT, is a licensed and certified massage therapist and owner of Metamorphosis Organic Massage. Kambra is passionate about the healing arts, all things organic, and natural health. She is currently pursuing a degree in Naturopathy. She studied massage therapy at Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School and is a member of the ABMP as well as the NCBTMB. She is officially trained in Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do acupressure, Pre-natal massage, and Infant massage. Kambra is committed to supporting each client in their journey toward wellness in body, mind, and spirit through natural health and organic living.

Sherri Skinner, Licensed Esthetician, received her training in esthetics at the Salon Professional Academy in Ames, Iowa. She enjoys interacting with others and providing treatments that will make a difference in the lives of her clients. Sherri believes in the importance of whole-body health and works hard to ensure that the products she uses in her esthetics practice are of the highest quality and totally safe for you and the environment. Sherri intends to continue the commitment started by her business partner Kambra Whylie in providing a spa experience that is truly organic.

202 SW Cherry St
Ankeny, IA 50023
(515) 963-7887

Thank you for shopping locally owned perk: $5 savings on any service of $50.00 or more one per visit excluding products and gift card purchases.

Captured in the Spotlight

103 N. Buxton (Indianola Square) Indianola, IA  50125, phone 515.962.1297, fax 515.961-2169, toll free 888.662.1297, email thecitygateusa@aol.com, owner Michelle Fetters Steen


Captured in the Spotlight
is a quaint shop on the Indianola Square
where you can find dance and gymnastics apparel.
The business card photo says it all!
And when you present your dsmbuzz
membership card when you shop here,
we'll give you $5 off every purchase of $50 or more.

A puzzle story - round two brainstorm (oh my gosh!)

Puzzlepiecesdavidboudreau It started with talking with local merchants about what they need and what challenges them in operating their business. A seed of an idea was planted. Then there were my own experiences on the board of a local small non-profit and our struggles to survive. (Read about pARTners unlimited here). Just like small businesses, small non-profits have limited resources and struggle for public awareness.

All I kept seeing were puzzle pieces that could and should fit together more efficiently spread apart from each other across the divide of other puzzle pieces on the table of community. Merchants make donations but sometimes feel they don't have as much of an impact as big donations. Small non-profits are out asking and trying to find those businesses and individuals that care about the people they serve. So many entities out there that are local and small on their own struggling for support, business, and exposure in both the non-profit and small business world.

Loaded with anecdotal information I decided it would be helpful to gather some of these merchants together to ponder the question of how to maybe nudge the puzzle pieces closer together. I wanted a brainstorm session but I know that I'm all passion and frenzy  which means I probably can't objectively facilitate a productive brainstorm. The universe opened up and there was an introduction from Mike Sansone of one phenomenal Ginger Johnson of SNAP and guess what she does . . . she is a professional brainstorm facilitator. Has there ever been a more invaluable community then the Central Iowa Bloggers? Can you believe how that just came from Mike's introduction?

I'm shaking now and email this woman who does not know me with my dilemma. At this point, I've actually started asking merchants to attend a brainstorm but I desperately need just the right person to lead. I ask her and can't believe it when she says "Stay calm, I'm glad to help, let's talk it through."

In the beginning of February we had this very successful brainstorm with terrific people in attendance. (Check out SNAP recap Download february_08_brainstorm_notes_from_snap.doc) . These were all very busy people, people with businesses to run themselves that amazingly stepped up to be a part of this initial brainstorm. The experience was powerful and ground-shaking to say the least.

Then I decide to talk to Brett Rogers who I have met again because of this awesome group of people who are the Central Iowa Bloggers. I've met Brett several times, read his blog often so it is like I know him in any case, and I keep hearing about him too. In a nutshell he is a glowing spirit of a person and REALLY smart to boot. Check out his recent interview podcast with Brett to see what I mean here. (I'm going to get Lisa Ballenger of Golf Etc. for Women to tell her wonderful story for Entrepreneur People soon which includes a great story about Brett).

Anyway, I tell him what has been happening up to this point with the merchants, with Ginger Johnson, and this idea of aligning the local non-profits into one place so that local merchants and individuals can quickly understand who they are, what they do, and what they need.

Brett's listening and asking really right-on-relevant questions and I'm asking him about what it would take to create a website that could align the non-profits and provide merchants a place to review and select the right organizations for their donations. Then he talks about this powerful search engine he has created this past year and then there is this pause in conversation . . . and Brett says the most, most incredible thing, "I like this idea and I think my search engine could work perfectly for this. I want to try it."

I get off the phone and I'm going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY now. David is cooking dinner or something and I'm leaping and twirling around him. I can't contain myself with the joy of it. This totally unbelievable gift and talent that is coming to this project. Brett begins and comes up with a website demo that has a perfect feel and look and now I'm out talking to people and they're intrigued and interested.

I'm excited quite a bit these days as we prepare for round two of brainstorming for LocalsGive.com.(only demo available right now) I've spoken with state organizations, city organizations, school administration, non-profits, and merchants. As of right now I have only a dozen seats left for our brainstorm event which will be held on March 3, from 6 to 7:30 at the Valley Junction Community Center. People like Jim Henter of Iowa Retail Federation plan to be in attendance to offer ideas and I keep getting feedback from other state and local entities that express this is a potentially powerful project. We will meet to see a demo of Brett's work for the LocalsGive site and offer more ideas to for the project.

Would you like to help with your own feedback and ideas? If you care about small businesses, local non-profits, and community and this idea resonates for you please contact me at sherry@dsmbuzz.com soon so I can add your story to this story. Let's sit and ponder how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together!

At a time when we realize just how precious our resources are it seems right to find the path that maximizes their impact.

picture by david boudreau, powered by flickr

The Stork Wearhouse

Louisa Dykstra, Owner
The Stork Wearhouse
Natural Products for Moms & Babies
Free Shipping~Over $75
1-866-99-STORK or (515) 988-0565

Storkwearhouselogo_new_2 Stork Wearhouse is a "best of both worlds" situation.  It allows me to supplement the family income and also stay at home with my kids.  And it keeps my brain sharp by providing the challenge of running a business in addition to the challenge of keeping up with my little ones!  I've become very passionate about softening our children's start in life, so this business allows me to offer products to support that, and link new parents to other resources supporting those choices.  Many of the products I sell are onlyFamily_and_owner_storkwearhouse_2   available online, so having an in-home business allows local people to see products in person and get questions answered.  


Noodle Zoo Cafe and Catering Ankeny

2785 N. Ankeny Blvd. Suite #12, Ankeny, IA  50023 - phone 515.965.2099 and fax 515.965-1250

Noodlezoo_4_web “The food is amazing and all the ingredients are fresh,” explains Kim Rushing of the Noodle Zoo Café and Catering located in Ankeny. A life-long dream realized, Kim along with her mother and father, have joined together to bring this great eatery to the community with its several outstanding signature menu items.

In addition to the savory sandwich favorites such as the Greek Chicken Foccacia and Sun-dried Tomato chicken Grill, patrons can also enjoy the several popular noodle dishes such as Szechuan Noodles. There is the always tasty Noodle Zoo House Salad that includes freshly grated Romano with Parmesan cheeses, house-made croutons and radiatore pasta; all tossed with the homemade garlic peppercorn dressing and crisp Romaine lettuce.

Whether you stop in for a delicious lunch, or come by for a family dinner, there is something delicious here to engage your taste buds. Open Monday are 10 - 3 and Tuesday through Saturday from 11 to 8 p.m. Noodle Zoo offers specials for the family dining out. On Tuesdays children eat free from the special children’s menu. There is also a quality selection of wines and beers available to accompany your meal. And if you can’t get to Noodle Zoo then ask for Noodle Zoo to come to you. Call and inquire about the many catering options available!

Thank you for shopping local perk: Get one entree at full price and get the second entree at half.

photo by   cañas photography

Angie's Kids Zone Success Story - An interview with Brian Sweeney

Angieslogo Brian took a little bit of time away to talk about the thriving business that he and co-owner Angie have built together. She is "back at the ranch" completing orders and managing product lines while Brian shares some great insights into building an on-line retail business and the brick-and-mortar side of things in Valley Junction in West Des Moines. I think that you'll find his time is worth some of yours. Enjoy.

#44 Brian Sweeney an interview

or call 515-274-6703.


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