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Jule of Be the Butterfly, top tips to live greener

Top ten tips to live greener


1)      Do your part and don’t worry about what other people are doing. Feel good about what you do. Don’t worry about where the contents of your green bin go for example just recycle and do your part.

2)      Use the reusable bag. Reuse all bags and use canvas if possible. It takes a thousand years for a plastic bag to break down and there are some countries that are banning them entirely. The canvas bags can hold and cart a lot of items! Check out how much this mesh bag can hold for example.

3)      Use green cleaning supplies. A lot of commercial cleaners have phosphates, artificial coloring, fragrances, and bleach which is bad for your health and the environment. There are lots of products that can clean without leaving toxic residue. Add a green product one at a time until you can replace all products with green cleaners.

4)      Shop organic. Organic farming is better for the environment. Anytime you are supporting organic agriculture you are helping the environment. Chemicals found on food stay in our fatty tissues often forever.

5)      Shop local. Great farmers markets for this and merchants too. Small local businesses are more transparent about how they conduct business too. We have more say and closer contact to the owners.

6)      Car pool. Make conscience decisions about your trips to consolidate what you can do in a trip.

7)      Buy from companies you know are socially responsible. Ask yourself how much of what they do is about the environment or just having a piece of the “green market.” There are websites that monitor them such as http://www.climatecounts.org/buzz.html

8)      Recycle. Go shop at local consignment and garage sales to reuse items. We don’t need to have new. Use products that are made with recycled materials too.

9)      Pull some weeds and live with some weeds. We over-treat our yards. These chemicals pollute the ground water. We put our children and pets in danger to eliminate dandelions.

10)   Drink water from a reusable container rather than bottled when possible. Those bottles are filling our landfills with a petroleum product that won’t degrade.

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