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#58 West End Architectural Salvage Interview with Don Short

West_end_door_2One of his mottos might go something like "everthing old will be used again" but that would be limiting. Perhaps even better would be "everything once used will be beautiful again." Either one only scratches the surface though. Don Short's whole being seems to be about finding the perfect home for the perfect stuff that lines the walls and nestles in the cubbies of his business called West End Architectural Salvage.

Don weaves a fun adventure about how one thing seems to have led to another until "bam" the guy is caretaker and home finder for wonderful stories that take their shape in marvelous objects. The entire warehouse space that is West End Architectural Salvage, found at 22 SW 9th St. Des Moines, Iowa, phone 515.243.4405, has a museum-like quality. But then extends that energy to really invite people to browse and ponder those stories and treasures inside and consider bringing the story to their own home to roost. 

All of this marvel is located right in the heart of downtown Des Moines nestled near the viaduct, near the city jail and even the location seems just right.

Enjoy a great interview and a few minutes of terrific stories with Don Short!

#58 West End Architectural Salvage interview with Don Short

For the week of May 26 through June 1, 2008

Principal Charity Classic Women Clinic Sponsored by Golf Etc. for Women!

PinkgolfballJoin us for a Women's Golf Clinic to learn some great tips to improve your game presented by
PGA Professional Jim Ahern and the best PGA/LPGA women teaching professionals in town -

Sara Ward - West Grand Golf
Lori Burmeister - Longview Golf
Sarah Bidney - Jester Park

Thursday May 29, 2008
4 pm
Glen Oaks Golf & Country Club
Driving Range

photo by chris moncus, powered by flickr

#57 Golf Etc. for Women an interview with Lisa Ballenger

LisaballengergolfetcforwomenThe green lush lawns of golf courses beckon these days here in the Midwest. Even to a non-golfer like myself the thought of walking the course and swinging the club on an early spring morning sounds perfect.

Lisa Ballenger speaks to her own passion and romance for the game of golf and how she came to create Golf Etc. For Women. Her shop is the ONLY golf and active-wear resource of its kind here in Iowa. Lisa is establishing a reputation as much for her knowledge of product and customer service as she is for the the unique products and equipment she carries.

In this interview she shares the insightful story of opening her shop and the decisions she has made along the way. Enjoy

#57 Golf Etc. For Women an interview with Lisa Ballenger

World of Difference exhibit at Fair World Gallery May 17th through 25th


Fair World Gallery
Is proud to partner with World of Difference to present
Hiatt Students Photo Exhibit

Saturday, May 17- Sunday, May 25th

This is a first-of-a-kind multi-media exhibit, combining enlarged photographs, a slideshow and written words documenting these students’ lives in one of Des Moines’ most ethnically diverse neighborhoods.
Documentary photographer Diane Cutler created and facilitated this World of Difference project. "Photographs provide a unique way for students to tell their story,” Cutler explained. “By taking pictures and sharing them with their class, I believe the students have gained a better understanding of each other, and have achieved a better appreciation for their differences as well as the many things that they have in common."


Fair World Gallery, 116 Fifth Street, West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
(515)277-7550  www.fairworldgallery.com
To find out more about World of Difference visit www.worldofdifference.us

Cartridge World

Marilyn Jerome, owner
Cartridge World
5465 Mills Civic Pkwy., Ste. 105
West Des Moines, IA  50266
515-564-7400 store
515-564-7401 fax

Cartridgeworldimage We are part of a franchise called Cartridge World.  There are currently over 1600 stores in 17 different countries.  Cartridge World is the world's leading re-manufacturer of ink and toner.  All of our work is done in-house.  Our highly-trained technicians dismantle each toner cartridge and replace all damaged and worn parts, including wiper blades, doctor blades, drums, chips, and clips.  Each unit is completely cleaned out so there is no old toner residue left.  Then we fill the unit with the appropriate toner to that unit, using only the top quality toners on the market.  After the unit is rebuilt, it is tested on its mechanics and electronics to ensure excellent print quality for our customers. 

The inks are done similarly.  When a customer brings in an empty ink cartridge, the unit is carefully cleaned out so there is no old, sticky ink left.  We replace computer chips (if there are any) and refill the cartridge using the best quality inks on the market.  Each ink is specifically made for a particular cartridge to ensure the correct flow of ink from cartridge to printer.  Each ink cartridge is also tested so we can always provide our customers assurance that each has been tested and will work as well as the original cartridge. 

We always offer free pick-up and delivery for all of our business customers.  We currently serve about 500 businesses in the DM Metro area.  We also have a walk-up retail business for home-users.  Everything we do is guaranteed to work as well as the original and provide superior color and longevity.  Often times our cartridges last longer because we refill to maximum capacity. 

We have had many satisfied customers who realize the value of recycling and reusing cartridges.  It costs about half the price of buying a brand new cartridge each time.  Ink cartridges can be refilled up to 7 times.  Toners can be rebuilt indefinitely.  We do all major brands of ink and toner.

Why do we do what we do?  Because we are trying to make our environment as clean as possible and think it's being good stewards of that environment to reuse and recycle when we can.  Also, we are value conscious.  It only makes sense to pay less for the same quality!  We've refilled our own cartridges for almost three years and have never had an issue with our Dell printer. 

All dsmBUZZ members will receive an additional 10% off for stopping in or calling in an order.  We love being part of Des Moines and think it's an awesome place to live.  We want to give back to the community that gives us so much.

Carl Fields of The Coffee Barn in Altoona, Iowa

CoffeebarnimageI met with Carl and his wife last month to talk about their story and business for an upcoming issue of Small Business Buzz. During that conversation, Carl shared some of his insights on the value of locally owned businesses and an article he had written some time ago. He also showed me that he is using the "shop locally" logo on his coffee shipments which really warmed my heart. He also mentioned that he enjoyed David's cartoons for the newsletter. This thrilled David. Here is Carl's article.

Shop Altoona, Make a Commitment

I wanted to provide additional support for Altoona’s grocery stores, hardware store, banks, gas stations, post office, hair salons, siding dealers, drug stores, grain elevator and other good and caring businesses. Yes, the community of Altoona has a wide range of services and products available and service is usually only a phone call away if the business is closed. Now that’s convenience!

I wanted to focus mainly on our local businesses. They’re not on the front page of any publication receiving recognition for their contributions to our community. Let me tell you what I have experienced. As a citizen of Altoona, I know the businesses give discounts to school organizations buying items for concessions and other activities. Southeast Polk can keep prices lower at activities because of the discounts they receive. Local businesses support the churches and the owners also give discounts on items purchased for these activities as part of their commitment to our church community.

The local businesses are sustaining members and supporters of the Kiwanis Club, the Jaycees, Rotary, Lion’s Club and many other service organizations so they can serve our community. If that’s not enough, just ask members of our local Fire Department or local Community Christmas committee what the local businesses do for them.

Please don’t just rely on our hometown businesses for an extra gallon of milk or a loaf of bread. Make a commitment to shop locally. They are our neighbors, our friends, our fire department, our police department and all of our supporters of the community in which we call home.  If you don’t like the way they are doing things just ask and most of the time they will make an effort to do it your way!  If they don’t have what you are looking for, ask them and I bet in most cases the local business will make the effort to find it for you.

And one more thing.  As business owners we need to support each other. Make a commitment to shop local.  What that means is that more businesses mean more people and more people mean more money in our bottom dollar.  Now let’s make an effort to really support our local business and plan and make an effort to shop local.

Shoplocally_final  Great writeup Carl. Thanks for your participation in dsmBUZZ and being an advocate for locally owned!

#56 BuyMyTronics.com an interview with CEO Brett Mosely

BrettmosleybuymytronicscomThis is one of those great stories of what appears to be almost an overnight success. Brett will stress it has been a lot of hard work though.

A little over a year ago Brett had an idea and used his own capital to start his business on the side while keeping the day job. Then things have just avalanched and now he is doing so well and has tapped into a consumer need so effectively that BuyMyTronics has been written up in periodicals like the New York Times and featured on MSN.

Now, drum roll, Brett has really made the big leagues and is a guest on Entrepreneur People. Real Stories. Check out this story of his rise. It's amazing.

#56 BuyMyTronics.com an interview with Brett Mosely

#54 Prosper.com interview with CEO Chris Larsen A REPEAT

Chris_larsen_prosper This was too good an interview to let it slip away. Thanks to Brett Rogers who brought it to my attention that the interview had not loaded completely the first time. Here is Chris Larsen, CEO of Prosper.com talking about peer-to-peer lending and his unique knowledge of what it takes to build a web based business that attracts the masses. It's worth a listen and certainly worth reposting to make sure you hear the entire interview!

#54 Prosper.com CEO Chris Larsen

Making the case on KCCI TV

Bag_2 This was a great opportunity to have a moment in the spotlight to promote the message. I thought KCCI's Eric Hanson did a very nice job creating the story.


#55 Good News Network an interview with Geri Weis-Corbley

GeriweiscorbleyKnock your socks off truth delivered here! Geri Weis-Corbley has been providing incredible, positive, and well-written content for over a decade at Good News Network. With a background is in journalism and an expertise in TV, Geri discovered that positive information really can sell. This explains the 1000s of readers that visit her site each day.

In this interview she candidly shares what works and what doesn't about creating great content and her own epiphany as to how to make providing it a sustainable business. She offers some great thoughts and suggestions. Gain an upbeat perspective and gather some great ideas too.

#55 Good News Network an Interview with Geri Weis-Corbley

or call 515-274-6703.


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