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July is jumping! 2008 Entrepreneur People Lineup


July 1,  MikWright, an interview with Tim Mikkelsen and Phyllis Wright-Herman. This dynamic duo have created a business using family photos as the basis and then giving a one-two punch with funny and irreverent observations. Fans have been growing for MikWright humor over 17 years. This is a story of entrepreneurism that as inspiring as it is fun. 

July 8, Asset Protection Specialists, an interview with Gabriel Glynn. The Midwestern floods of 2008 have left a muddy aftermath and emphasized the reality that we can lose everything when nature or accidents hit. In the aftermath of such events would you know what you’ve lost? Asset Protection Specialists helps home owners and businesses log and keep record of valuables so that should bad things happen recovery will be so much easier.

July 15, AdFlyer an interview with Ben O’Brien, Sam Naylor. These up-and-coming young entrepreneurs are gaining the attention of individuals and businesses in the UK looking for a more effective and less costly, even free, method of advertising. Here they share their story of beginning with big results and gaining momentum daily.

July 22, Say it right. Writing Wonder Woman Kitara Wilson helps businesses, especially network marketing businesses get the right words on their websites and marketing materials so they can stand out in the crowd.  If you want tips for writing good copy and especially if your business is network marketing, you'll want to listen to Kitara's advice.

July 29, Just a visit with Sandy Eimers of balance yoga lounge in Ankeny, Iowa can inspire anyone to want to have more empowerment for their own wellbeing. Sandy works with individuals to help them reach their own level of physical and emotional health with the power of yoga. You'll enjoy her story and her energy.

photo by teerish, powered by flickr

A child's smile, a merchant move


Internet Solver can now be found at their new address:

11308 Aurora Ave. Urbandale.

I personally want to mention that they've been wonderful for me and my business. When I have computer issues and questions they have been quite helpful. In addition to support of internet connectivity and VOIP, they also help with computer troubleshooting and repair. I've been using their services for years.

Michelle Hinrichs of Michelle's Maternity and Nursery Nook in Indianola put out a heads up for non-profit Dylan's Smile. This organization provides resources for the families and children who suffer facial defects. It looks like a great site with lots of information and there is an upcoming ice cream social in July and a golf outing in September for fund raising.

You can also find t-shirts on sale at Michelle's with proceeds going to help with Dylan's Smile.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by dsmBUZZ!

Brent McClure a thank you shout out!

*A special thanks to Brent for sending this information on to his own email posse! How wonderful.

Happy_face At a networking event a couple of weeks ago, I met Sherry Borzo with dsmBuzz.  dsmBUZZ is a grassroots initiative that exists to promote the efforts of locally owned businesses in central Iowa. Their mission is to be a resource for residents and visitors interested in finding out about the uniquely independent businesses in our community. They provide a collective voice for the buy local movement to encourage consumers to support their locally owned entrepreneurial neighbors.

They are building a network of merchants banded together to promote the concept of buying locally more often. Many of these businesses will be some of your favorites, but others may be new to you. They encourage you to celebrate and visit them as they are a part of the network to market their own enterprise and bolster the mission and the community.

As a part of their commitment to the buy local message, merchants offer a perk for dsmBUZZ members. The memberships are available for only $10 annually to consumers who support buy local and want to enjoy the savings and value offerings.

You can find additional information and sign up at:  http://www.dsmbuzz.com


Brent E. McClure, CPA
Tax Manager

7780 Office Plaza Drive, S
Suite 184
West Des Moines, IA 50266-2337
Main:    (515) 223-0159
Direct:   (515) 221-4628
Fax:      (515) 223-5429
Email:   bmcclure@kiesling.com

FloodStock 2008 benefits for Cedar Rapids Businesses

Floodstock_2008_4No man is an island, no community is either. A major point of dsmBUZZ is to bridge together merchants and communities in Central Iowa to promote the message that locally owned support matters to us all. I believe that most of us "get it" but sometimes it is easy to breathe a sigh of relief when life moves along.

We've been reminded recently with dramatic images and stories from Cedar Rapids that life and nature can take a difficult turn. The pictures of the flooding in that area reveal the devastation that has been left in the muddy remains. Now people are getting up and getting busy to start the recovery process. Here is a Heads Up of an upcoming event that is specifically designed to help the businesses that have been affected. If you can contribute in any way contacts have been provided below.

Floodstock 2008

Event Overview: Floodstock 2008 is a three-day music festival featuring local and regional bands July 3-5, 2008.

When: Thursday, July 3 from 4:00-10 p.m., Friday, July 4, from 12:00-10 p.m., and Saturday, July 5, from 12:00-10 p.m.

Entertainment: The Swing Crew, Greenbriar, Funk 101, Copper Moon, Super Size 7, inch 75, Dogs on Skis, Brad Stiles, Junk Funk, Surf Zombies, Wicked Liz & The Bellyswirls and many more to be announced in the coming days.

Cost: Floodstock 2008 tickets will be available at the gate for $10 per person

Who it Benefits: All proceeds from Floodstock 2008 will go towards residents and businesses affected by the flood.

How can your business help? Your business can help cover the cost of the event by becoming an event sponsor. We are looking for donations large and small to cover the cost of booking entertainment, on-site necessities and other costs associated with bringing this event to life. Or consider donating a good, service or experience for the live auction to be held during Floodstock that would create substantial interest and funds for the flood victims. All contributions will be handled through the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.

Partnerships:  Floodstock 2008 event coordinators include representatives from the Cedar Rapids Jaycees, Cedar Rapids Downtown District, Cedar Rapids Area / Marion Chamber of Commerce, Greater Cedar Rapids Foundation and various businesses and media outlets.

for more info please visit www.floodstock.org or call 319.377.6316

#62 Templeton Rye - Interview with Scott Bush

TempletonryeIn this interview Scott Bush of Templeton Rye talks about the unique challenges of the spirits industry and the journey to building a brand. He concedes that the process of branding is greatly helped in this case by some great backdrop stories and history . . . or is it myth and legend? You decide.

Just an aside here, the purpose behind the podcast each week of Entrepreneur People. Real Stories. is to glean wisdom and insights about the experience of owning a business and all that that entails. I recommend this interview in particular as an opportunity to come away drunk with knowledge! Cheers.

Tips to order custom invitations from Pure Paper

Pure_paper_2Custom wedding invites are just one more way to truly personalize your special day. Custom invites are different than ordering invites out of a book. Most of the design work is created from scratch, not by using templates. Custom invites should be everything you want, and nothing you don't! When working with a designer to create your wedding invitations look for some of these qualities:

  1. Does the designer have a sense of style that is compatible with yours?
  2. Are they professional and excited to work with you?
  3. After viewing their work, do you love the things you see?

If you answered Yes! to these questions, then you are ready to begin working with your designer. Remember, a good designer will ask lots of questions in order to get a feel for your style. The more information you can share the more likely you will be to get exactly what you love!

Here are a few additional wedding invitation tips to keep in mind:

  1. When going the custom invitation route, please allow adequate time for designing, creating and assembling the invites. Many designers like to start at least six (6) months before the wedding date!
  2. Invitations must be sent out four (4) to six (6) weeks prior to your wedding date.
  3. Order 15 to 20 more invitations than you think you need. It can be very expensive to order additional invitations at the last minute - and you may not get them in time! You'll need extra invitations for any mistakes made in addressing the envelopes, any "last minute" additions to the guest list, and a few for keepsakes.
  4. Bring a friend or family member with you to the final proof meeting; they can help check spelling, accuracy, etc.
  5. Review your guest list to make sure that all the names are spelled correctly and addresses are up to date.
  6. It's likely, and appropriate, that a deposit will be requested by the designer prior to printing.
  7. Take a completed invite to the post office to check the postage rate. Most invitations require extra postage. Your designer may check the postage for you.
  8. Check with all parties to choose the appropriate wording for the invite. Your parents may feel slighted if they are not included; same with groom's parents.
  9. Decide on your invitation count. Discuss this with all families involved in order to agree upon the number of guests and therefore the number of invites.
  10. Don't invite more guests than your venue will allow! You can't count on someone not attending; rather plan on the high side for your guest count. This will ensure that you have enough space to accommodate everyone.

#61 La Quercia - Herb Eckhouse

LaquerciacuredmeatsFor those outside of Iowa there are probably the standard associations made when they hear about our state. I say Iowa and you say corn. I say Iowa and you say State Fair. I say Iowa and you say . . . maybe ham??? If I say Iowa you probably wouldn't say Prosciutto. At least not before 2000.

Herb Eckhouse, owner of La Quercia, his family, and staff have helped make the connection that Iowa is a place of bounty where delicious prosciutto can be found. In this terrific interview, Herb shares his story and some of the details of making fine cured meats. Enjoy.

#61 La Quercia - Interview with Herb Eckhouse

an advertising campaign?

Billboard_2 Wow! What a difference a year (and-a-half) makes! I think it was back over a year ago that I had just had a website up and running and a handful of feeble blog posts on my roster and then decided it was time to advertise. Yep. Pretty nuts I know.

I tried placing some advertisement pieces in the newspaper and of course I had no cash so they were in black and white. Crazy again. I posted and whined about the expense and my failure. Nobody called. Nobody came. It was like adolescent dating all over again.

I mentioned in  a post around that time that Drew McLellan offered some therapy. He spent a little time talking with me, asked some questions, and then proffered a kind of action plan which was very helpful. I used it. It calmed me down. It made a difference.

Now here I am again a year (and-a-half) later with what will be 75 merchants participating by the end of June and over 200 consumer members! I'm working and making progress. As always I know it is the gift of the wonderful people I've met along the way that has impacted my ambition with their great ideas set an excellent example.

I don't know if what I've got is an advertising campaign because I really can't afford one yet. I aspire to a campaign and someday an office! They will come.

Currently, in addition to my wonderful Tran-Sit Bench Sign we are beginning a series of spots on streaming radio with Clear Channel. Gabriel Glynn of Asset Protection recommended it. He said he was very pleased with his adds and the increase in web traffic and I am definitely interested in getting more people to the dsmBUZZ site.

Jon Liebl and Mary Blakemore of Clear Channel have been VERY helpful. They recorded some spots with me and three of the participating merchants: Angie Williams of The Great Frame Up, Brian Sweeney of Angie's Kids Zone, and Barb Niccum of Pure Paper. Take a listen. I think they sound great.

I'll be reporting some other exciting developments in July. Stay tuned and thanks for your interest. It means a lot!

    General One

    General two

   The Great Frame Up

    Angie's Kids Zone

    Pure Paper

#60 The Royal Oak - Heather and Mae McKenzie

TheroyaloakThis week we visit with Heather and Mae McKenzie, owners of a traditional pub called The Royal Oak. Nestled in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland, just off the primary artery of the city called the The Royal Mile, this pub gives newcomers and residents alike a place for a pint, community, and some of the best folk music in the area. 

Heather and Mae talk about the aspects of owning and operating a pub, the unique qualities of their establishment, and the added benefits of being a mother-daughter team. Cheers!

#60 The Royal Oak - Heather and Mae McKenzie

Lutz Pharmacy

Lutz Pharmacy
120 8th St SE
Altoona, IA 50009
(515) 967-4213



Lutz Pharmacy has been serving Altoona and the entire Metro area for over 34 years. Gene Lutz explains that as an independent pharmacy operation, they have always worked to provide services not met by the large drugstore chains. The Lutz motto of “We Take Time to Care” has served well as the guide in their dedication to stay focused on the patient behind every medicine they disperse.

In addition to filling standard prescriptions, Lutz offers unique support for patients that require more extensive pharmaceutical care. Compounding, for example, is one service that Lutz pharmacy provides to meet the specific needs for both medical and veterinary practices. Compounding requires special equipment, space, and training and Lutz pharmacy has been a leader in this specialty.

Long-term care pharmacy (Nursing Home pharmacy) is a special niche requiring both dispensing services and consulting services where pharmacists work with medicine and other health care caregivers to meet the patient’s specific medical needs.  Lutz pharmacy has developed expertise in this area and provides these services to many Metro facilities and more than 400 patients to support high quality long-term pharmacy care.

These days, as more consumers are prescribed several different medications that must work in tandem, there is more opportunity for confusion or even serious mistakes.  Lutz pharmacy offers medication therapy management to help patients and physicians navigate the dynamics of multiple medications to better treat the patient’s needs.

No matter how involved or basic a patient’s pharmaceutical requirement may be, Lutz pharmacy is committed to personal consultation and maintaining an on-going relationship with each patient to assist in quality patient health.

or call 515-274-6703.


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