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Tips to order custom invitations from Pure Paper

Pure_paper_2Custom wedding invites are just one more way to truly personalize your special day. Custom invites are different than ordering invites out of a book. Most of the design work is created from scratch, not by using templates. Custom invites should be everything you want, and nothing you don't! When working with a designer to create your wedding invitations look for some of these qualities:

  1. Does the designer have a sense of style that is compatible with yours?
  2. Are they professional and excited to work with you?
  3. After viewing their work, do you love the things you see?

If you answered Yes! to these questions, then you are ready to begin working with your designer. Remember, a good designer will ask lots of questions in order to get a feel for your style. The more information you can share the more likely you will be to get exactly what you love!

Here are a few additional wedding invitation tips to keep in mind:

  1. When going the custom invitation route, please allow adequate time for designing, creating and assembling the invites. Many designers like to start at least six (6) months before the wedding date!
  2. Invitations must be sent out four (4) to six (6) weeks prior to your wedding date.
  3. Order 15 to 20 more invitations than you think you need. It can be very expensive to order additional invitations at the last minute - and you may not get them in time! You'll need extra invitations for any mistakes made in addressing the envelopes, any "last minute" additions to the guest list, and a few for keepsakes.
  4. Bring a friend or family member with you to the final proof meeting; they can help check spelling, accuracy, etc.
  5. Review your guest list to make sure that all the names are spelled correctly and addresses are up to date.
  6. It's likely, and appropriate, that a deposit will be requested by the designer prior to printing.
  7. Take a completed invite to the post office to check the postage rate. Most invitations require extra postage. Your designer may check the postage for you.
  8. Check with all parties to choose the appropriate wording for the invite. Your parents may feel slighted if they are not included; same with groom's parents.
  9. Decide on your invitation count. Discuss this with all families involved in order to agree upon the number of guests and therefore the number of invites.
  10. Don't invite more guests than your venue will allow! You can't count on someone not attending; rather plan on the high side for your guest count. This will ensure that you have enough space to accommodate everyone.


Parley paz

Thanks for sharing the good tips to order custom wedding invitations.

Lizzette Deas

Great tips! I will definitely remember these/

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