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#68 balance yoga lounge - sandy eimers

Sandyeimersyoga_2Sandy was a terrific person to interview because she is in the early stages of her first year of owning a business. She has energy and passion for what she is doing. More than that, she practices what she offers so her drive comes from her core. Enjoy this great story of a small business in its first year coupled with inspiration on how to take charge of your own wellbeing the yoga way.

Carrollfest August 29 and August 30, 2008

Music_in_the_park_simon_oosterman Laura Comito of Artworks Studio brought this to my attention. She explained that the young man who has organized this event is a visionary and that he likens this music extravaganza to Woodstock without the drugs. Personally I'm always floored by young people who have great ideas and then ACT on them. How did they get so actualized at such an early age? I was clueless myself. If this appeals please attend!

Carrollfest - a rock music festival in Carroll, Iowa

Dates and times:  Friday, August 29 and Saturday, August 30

Friday - 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Saturday - 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Sponsorship:  Erik Lamp Event Productions and the Carroll Arts Council

Erik Lamp is a 2005 graduate of Glidden-Ralston (Iowa) HS, and is currently working toward a degree in Audio Engineering at the Institute for Production and Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Attractions:  Two days of music and art at Graham Park in Carroll, Iowa.  Artists from around the area will have booths and displays offering their work for sale.  Additionally, concessions will be available and many of the bands performing will have CD's, shirts and souvenirs available for purchase.

Cost:  Freewill donation with a goal of raising enough money to do it again next year.   The festival is entirely dependent on donations to make it possible to continue.  Donation of $2.00 or more will receive a wristband that entitles the wearer to discounts at vendors, stands and merchandise tables.


Friday Performers:

Till Flames Fall  -  Holstein, IA

The Rush Year  -  Sac City, IA

The Further Adjustments  -  Glidden, IA

By Any Chance  -  Carroll, IA

Saul  -  Sutherland, IA

Joel Hike  -  Minneapolis, MN (Formerly of Glidden)

Zene  -  Carroll and Jefferson, IA

Saturday Performers:

Hannah Haupt  -  Fennimore, WI

Hour Of Reckoning  -  Manson, IA

Daylight's Funkadelic Authority  -  Defiance, IA

Carjack Lovers  -  Audubon, IA

High Octane  -  Charter Oak, IA

Tomorrow's Storm  -  Ames, IA

Atombender  -  Ames, IA

Lehzly  -  Manson, IA

Stanwood Charlie  -  Tama, IA

Jonathan Harker  -  Clarinda, IA and St. Paul, MN

Hold For Swank  -  Cedar Falls and Des Moines, IA

Plan To Pull Through  -  Pella, IA

New to the festival this year: 

Till Flames Fall, The Rush Year, The Further Adjustments, Saul, Hannah Haupt, Hour Of Reckoning, Daylight's Funkadelic Authority, High Octane, Tomorrow's Storm, Atombender

Other information:

Plan To Pull Through has played all three years. 

Variety of acts from acoustic folk to hard rock

Third annual festival, and largest yet.  Carrollfest started out as the producers idea for a birthday party in 2006.  It ended up being an 11 band outdoor show.  It has now grown into a 2 day festival featuring 19 bands from around the Midwest.   

Contact Information for questions and further details:

Email   eriklamp@gmail.com (producer and founder of Carrollfest),  dledlamp@iowatelecom (local arrangements)

Phone  Erik Lamp - 712-790-9407, Dean Lamp - 712-659-2263 or 712-790-9405

photo by simon oosterman, powered by flickr

Yost Family Chiropractic

Yost Family Chiropractic * 8521 Hickman Road, Urbandale, IA  515-278-9678

Yost_fun_team_pic_3 My business is Yost Family Chiropractic and my position is the Director Doctor.  This is not a job for me.  In fact, it's not even a career.  It's a calling.  A calling to influence the health and wellness of those in my community...one family at a time.  My other calling in life is being a mother to my beautiful twin girls.  Being an entrepreneur allows me to balance my personal and professional lives.  Professionally, I'm not here because I believe that Chiropractic and various other complimentary medicine work.  I'm here because I KNOW they work.  In 1999, I was riding my bike and was hit by a pickup truck.  I am lucky to be alive.  Medicine kept me alive.  Chiropractic gave me my quality of life back.

The doctors at Yost Family Chiropractic believe in continually educating ourselves and growing to be the best versions of ourselves...personally and professionally.  We know that if we continue to grow ourselves, we'll be the best we can be for our patients.  Our primary focus is family care, with a great majority of our clinic being pediatrics and pregnancy..  Dr. Heather Yost is currently completing her diplomate, which is the highest level of advanced training in chiropractic care and pediatrics and pregnancy.  Currently, there are 40 diplomates through the ICPA (www.ICPA4Kids.org).  I don't know if chiropractic can help you.  In fact, I don't even know what you need.  But I do know that you've never received a chiropractic "checkup," then you've done yourself a disservice.  Call our office.  Get started with us, or if you need a more convenient location based on where you live or work...we'll be happy to give you a referral. 

Dr. Heather Yost


Thursday July 31, 2008, 6 to 8 p.m. dsmBUZZers

CarnarvondennissylvesterhurdIt's hard to believe we've gone several months without one but it's time again to meet with fellow dsmBUZZers and talk about our businesses or stuff happening in the community as it relates to people and the businesses. I am bringing David to hang out and will quaff a brew or two. Let's enjoy the scenery going by on  3102 FOREST Ave. at Jethro's Restaurant on Thursday July 31, 2008, from 6 to 8 p.m. Hope to see you there to visit!

photo by Dennis Sylvester Hurd, powered by flickr

#67 Kitara Wilson - Writing Wonder Woman

Kitarawilsonwritingwonderwoman_2I've definitely learned to appreciate those who have the skill ----nay the talent to make words convey ideas perfectly. This week I interviewed Kitara Wilson who is The Writing Wonder Woman. She is one of those adept people that manages to make text flow so that it captures the readers attention. In this podcast she explains some of the dos and don'ts of crafting good copy and why, in her particular niche, it is imperative to either write or hire someone to write content that entices. Listen, learn, and enjoy.

Floors and More new warehouse deals available

Carpets_by_what_whatHere is the news from Stan Canova over at Floors and More. It was great to hear from him and this sounds like a terrific opportunity.

On July 1st we relocated our warehouse only to find that we were overloaded with aged product and some , leftover and some seconds with minor flaws. There are options In all categories of floor covering including carpet, wood, and ceramic vinyl laminate. We have now oped an outlet store to sell off this inventory.

Products are reduced by as much as 80% and we have no carpet remnants over $6.95 per yard and as low as $3.95 per yard. We have well over 250 remnants. Ceramic tile starts at $.25 sq ft , and vinyl starts at $.29 sq ft.

Its a perfect time for back to school , dorm rooms etc. If you have questions give Stan a ring.

  C# 240-9243
  beaver store
  3702 beaver
  Outlet store
  3011 6th ave

Have an awesome day and thanks for reading!

photo by what what, powered by flickr

An Ode to Fisher Auto Body


It happened one day while our car sat in a lot,
My hubby  parked it in an unassuming spot,

He nestled  the Prius between an SUV and truck,
And went in to buy groceries and hopefully save a buck.

With recyclable bags tucked under each arm,
He returned to our car and was then quite alarmed.

On the driver’s side, near the front headlight,
Was a gouge and a scratch but no truck driver in sight.

Someone had hit us  -  and departed without a trace,
With a $500 deductible we realized we had been stuck in disgrace.

But have no fear someone working on the dock 
Saw the whole  thing and he also was shocked.

We called in the license plate and shared our sad news,
to  HIS  insurance  company we sang our car damage Blues.

First in denial , but then later he did comply.
Who would really want to walk around with such a big lie?

With cash in hand we went to see Darrin Morrison at his shop,
Fisher Auto Body on Hubbell Avenue  solved our problems in one stop.

Not only did he patiently listen and look at our car 's contusions ,
He also offered to fix an earlier car bump, now there's a solution!

We sat for a moment and had a pleasant chat while he calculated price,
Darrin promised repair in a couple of days and his quote was very concise.

In two days  we picked  up our newly repaired automobile.
We’re happy with Fisher Auto Body and their great job was such a deal!

#65 Adflyer - interview Sam naylor, ben o'brien


This venture is capturing the attention of advertisers across the UK exponentially each day. On Adflyer, people can post classifieds for free, include enticing photos and other assistance for an additional fee if they want, and connect with people that are close enough to where they live for what they want to buy or sell. Adflyer is enthusiastically a "thumbs up" with both individuals and businesses offering a powerful alternative to old advert options. Entrepreneurs Sam Naylor and Ben O'Brien have taken their backgrounds in advertising and technology and harnessed their intent with a workable plan. Check out this great story of gelling a concept, seeing it through, and reaching the nirvana of success.

summer 2008 Guess That Small Business for Members


Summer 2008 newsletter

SunnydaylemonadekenchristTake a break and sit with a lemonade to enjoy this summer issue of Small Business Buzz. This time I visit with merchants in Altoona, Iowa, which include Carl Fields of The Coffee Barn, Gene Lutz of Lutz Pharmacy, Dr. Kari Swain of Swain Chiropractic, and John Rasmussen of Rasmussen Bike Shop of Altoona. Each has a terrific story of how they began their business and their passion for what they do.

Also, take a moment to check out the latest buzz going on with dsmBUZZ and the quarterly "Guess That Small Business Game."

Enjoy these hot, humid, and heady days of summer!

Thanks for your interest in helping promote the importance of buying locally owned.

Download v4_summer_issue_final.pdf

photo by Kenn Christ, powered by flickr

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