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Sumptuous September LineUp 2008

SeptembermorningicietailleursSeptember 2: East Village Books located in the East Village area of Des Moines, Iowa has become THE destination for bookstore loving souls. In just one year Teri Wood TeBockhorst and her husband Andy have created a place where people flock for interesting events and the latest must-reads.  Teri shares her insights on what it takes to make a great bookstore.


September 9:  Yum and then some. Ryan Binney of Sweet Binney’s bakes in his kitchen while he takes time to share his story of starting and building a successful bakery. Ryan offers insights sure to help those thinking of this kind of business and others who just want to know what goes on behind the counter. You’ll be able to smell the cookies and cakes!


September 16:  Everything artfully done can be found at Görtz Haus Gallery located in Grimes, Iowa. Once a Lutheran Church, Görtz Haus Gallery displays pieces by Iowa artists, offers a bistro for a delicious lunch, a frame shop, and a floral shop too. Betty Görtz Oodgard artist in residence shares an intriguing story of taking her vision to fruition.


September 23: Sherri Baldy of Blue Fuzzy Slippers tells her story of starting a site that will help those who have struggled with selling using other on-line tools. If you want networking, multi-media, auction and other cool stuff to help with your business available all in one stop take a listen.


September 30:  Mike Mcguigan of Radish located in Grimes, Iowa has been in the restaurant business for over thirty years. In this interview he provides his story of starting this current successful restaurant that was profitable and successful in its first year! Good wisdom for anyone interested in this type of business or anyone looking for a great place to eat!

photo by ici et ailleurs, powered by flickr

Gortz Haus Gallery

GRIMES, IA 50111

Phone: (515) 986-3340
Toll Free: (866) 986-3340
FAX: (515) 986-0369
E-mail: gortzhausgallery@mchsi.com


Experience the unique setting of Görtz Haus Gallery located in Grimes, Iowa. It’s an easy 10-minute drive from downtown Des Moines to this historical landmark which served as a Lutheran church from 1937 to 2001. Today it is the beautiful backdrop for showcasing some of Iowa’s finest artists and offering patrons an inspiring venue to enjoy art, shopping, and culinary delights.

Explorethe nooks and crannies of Görtz Haus back-lit by natural light as it shines through the stained glass windows. Take in the varied collection of original pieces available for viewing and purchasing in this one-of-a-kind setting.

You’ve got a cherished piece of art now show it off in all its glory. Görtz Haus offers framing services to help you display that treasure to its best advantage.

Let your flowering gifts make an elegant and appropriate statement for any special occasion. From a joyous event to the bereavement of loss, Görtz Haus offers floral arrangements that will make your gift memorable.

Step out of the doldrums of day-to-day into this distinctive destinationand savor a delicious meal at the Görtz Haus  bistro. This European-style eatery allows diners to enjoy sandwiches made with homemade bread, as well as fresh soups and salads.  While you dine, take in the atmosphere among the art in the gallery, on the upper balcony, or on the outdoor terrace when weather permits. Imbibe a glass of special Iowa wine and lavish yourself with a finish of Stam chocolates and coffee from the Espresso bar.

If you can’t make the quick trip to enjoy your lunch at Görtz Haus  bistrothen consider bistro in a box. Call to learn more about bringing the delectable Görtz Haus experience to you. 

Are you looking for the perfect space for a special event? Contact Görtz Haus Gallery to learn more and explore reserving this elegant locale for that important occasion.

The gallery is now open for weddings, receptions, and other special events. Call to inquire.

Betty Oodgard is owner, operator, and artist on duty. She and her husband Richard have created and maintained Görtz Haus Gallery for the enjoyment of the community.


#72 Steve Luebke of Toyota of Des Moines

ToyotaofdesmoinesSteve Luebke shares his insights on how he has worked as General Manager to help Toyota of Des Moines become an award-winning dealership in the Midwest.


Clear the Clutter - Tips from Organizer Marsha Hines

Clear the Clutter and Add Vitality to Your Life

ClosetorganizationkatiescrapbookladClutter is stuck energy. Healthy energy is moving energy. Clearing clutter actually releases huge amounts of energy in the body. When you get rid of everything in your life that has no real meaning or significance for you, you literally feel lighter in the body, mind and spirit. You can live in the present time and move with the flow.

The four kinds of clutter that keep you from moving forward in your personal and professional life according to Jayme Barrett in her marvelous book, Feng Shui your Life, are:

Common Clutter: You have too much unused, unloved, unnecessary, and messy stuff littering your space. Examples include junk mail, broken objects, old newspapers, and magazine.

Symbolic Clutter: You have objects that consciously or unconsciously affect your emotions and thoughts in a negative way. Examples include unsuccessful projects, gloomy artwork, and disheartening books.

Energy Clutter: All items are attached to you by an invisible cord. Some instantaneously deplete your energy. Examples include photos of people who disapprove of you, gifts from a past relationship, and inherited furniture you’ve kept out of guilt.

Mental and Emotional Clutter: These are unresolved emotional issues, tasks you’ve avoided handling, and draining relationships. Examples are friends your need to confront, doctor’s appointments to be scheduled, and people you need to clear from your life.

By answering the seven “clear the way” questions listed in Terah Kathryn Collin’s book Feng Shui A-Z, is a marvelous way to begin your process of de-cluttering your space.

1.  Do I love it?
2.  Do I need it?
3.  Does it support who I am now in my life?
4.  Does it act as an environmental affirmation for me?
5. What positive and /or negative thoughts, memories, or emotions do I associate with it?
6.  Does it need to be fixed or repaired, and am I willing to do so now?
7. If it’s time to let it go, am I going to sell, lend, or give it away and when?

As you bravely face passive chaos in your own home, know that you are inviting transformation to occur. In attending to the old, you are clearing the way for many new positive opportunities to flow into your life.

Perhaps repeating this mantra to your self everyday for thirty days may help, “the more I let go of the old, the more I attract the new”. See what happens. Create environments that empower you! A place where you feel happy, healthy and motivated.

These tips come to you from Marsha Hines.

photo by katiescrapbooklady powered by flickr

Mistress Minds, My Own Olympic Event

Focus on the successes. Trying is EVERYTHING. I'm repeating this daily of late. I've been bruised by a couple of attempts to pitch sponsorship of dsmBUZZ to bigger locally owned merchants without success. Basically I'm asking for merchants to offer memberships to their employees in exchange for banner space on the site but the couple of of contacts I've spoken with have been dismissive or ready to peg dsmBUZZ as something else. I must regroup and ask myself the "why" question. If you have the time and a dime I'll share my tale of woe, (funny stories really) to get further feedback on how I fell short with these folks.

Asking oneself the "Why am I doing this" question was one of the concepts that Timothy Johnson of Carpe Factum explained to our Mistress Minds group this week at Christopher's restaurant. He graciously shared ideas on how to manage our businesses with a project management mindset. If you haven't heard Tim speak yet make a point to catch him when you see his name. It's worth your time.

Speaking of successes, our little band of women business owners called Mistress Minds is going strong coming on year two. We started with the goal to offer each other entrepreneurial therapy and that has been the best medicine. Having a strong group of women to commiserate and brainstorm with has been incredibly powerful.

Mistressmindsaugust_2008_2In attendance this evening were Kelly Moore of Kelly Moore Consulting and Des Moines Families, Stephanie Binney of Sweet Binney's, Lisa Ballenger of Golf Etc. for Women, Angela Clark of EnrgPath, Sandy Renshaw of Purple Wren and Around Des Moines. We had first day of school conflicts for some of our regular group including Mindy Toyne of In Any Event, Barb Niccum and Belinda Goodwin of Pure Paper, and Christine McNunn of Fair World Gallery and Trish Flaherty of Metropolis PA. My big success is knowing and associating with these ladies.

Mitch Matthews' post on Iowa Biz about the Olympics resonated. I've been glued to my TV this past couple of weeks catching the drama. My heart broke and I weeped for Lolo Jones when she did not get the gold glory but based on her story of getting to there I know she'll be okay.

I consider dsmBUZZ to be my Olympic event. Taking an idea and making the effort to make it tangible is success. I count my wins not by the coinage in my purse but rather by the caliber of people that I've met and that help promote conscious consumerism. Thanks to the merchants who make the time, thanks to the consumers who make the small investment, thanks to all the people who help. You make the setbacks worth it.


#71 Tea Consultant Patricia Peterson

75bcThe solace of the tea experience and the facets of what make it an amazing beverage are discussed by Des Moines, Iowa's resident tea expert Patricia Peterson. She has been teaching the art of tea, its history, and proper preparation for years as well as offering teas and tea accouterments for sale.

In this interview she talks about tea consultation, her recent trip to China where she gathered more information about tea, and her new shop called Consign and Design located on Ingersoll Avenue.

photo by Patrice Ekart

Birthydays by Mandy and Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Meandmy_brother_tallulaminkyMandy Julson of Birthday's by Mandy has teamed up with Animal Rescue League of Iowa to provide unique and exciting birthday parties at the ARL Shelter. Parties will include games, interaction with a certified therapy dog, face painting, and exciting themes for adventurous, memorable entertainment.

For more information about providing your child with an exciting party and helping ARL at the same time, please contact Mandy Julson at Mandy@birthdaysbymandy.com or 515.554.4213.

photo by tallulahminky powered by flickr

#70 Brent McClure of Tailgate Gamers

TailgategamerscornholeAs we all sit glued to our TVs watching the swimming events, sand volley ball, basketball and such, I dream of being an Olympian. Bret McClure explains how his business Tailgate Gamers has hit the ground running and the nuances of the toss for the popular game Corn Hole Toss. As you will hear, I have natural skill. Perhaps you too have the skill required to send bags of corn flying?

There are lessons here in how to harness the enthusiasm of an audience so that they are compelled to pick up the phone and order. This is a real "If you build it, they will come" story. Check out this great interview with Brent.

Sweeney's Barbeque and Catering

Sweeney’s Barbecue and Catering

SweeneysbarbecueMake your next event a catered affair and brag as people oooh and aaahh over the succulent, tangy meats served at your table from Sweeney's Barbecue. Brian Sweeney, Pit Master extraordinaire is the one to call when you want your gathering to be spiced and smoked to perfection.

Brian has been wowing friends, family and folks at nonprofit events for many years and has officially launched his catering business to bring his talents to you. Sweeney’s menu includes selections of ribs, chicken and brisket seasoned in his trademark BBQ style which is good & spicy - but not over the top. And Brian is happy to turn up the heat or bring it down depending on your tastes.

Man cannot live by Barbecue alone so Sweeney’s BBQ also offers an assortment of salads and desserts to choose from. Take a look at the full menu on Sweeney’s Barbeque and Catering for more details.

For more information please contact Brian Sweeney and his wife Angie at:
515.277.1716, or fax 484.303.6562 or by email at pitmaster@sweeneysbarbeque.com

perk of thanks to members:  FREE delivery.

The Lagniappe

Lagniappestore_front The Lagniappe - The Store with a Little Something Extra

112 5th Street Valley Junction Historic District
West Des Moines, Iowa  50265

Store Hours: Mon-Wed & Sat 10am - 5pm, Thurs & Fri 10am - 7pm, Sun 12pm - 4pm
Phone: 515.277.0047  Email: thelagniappe@aol.com , www.TheLagniappe.com

The concept of The Lagniappe was born out of a love of “Art in the Park” and the importance of accessories, whether they be personal or for the home. We wanted to provide a place where people could buy local art every day, not just once a year. The Lagniappe has many hand-crafted items including jewelry, pottery, glass, fiber, and wall art, as well as purses, scarves, and other gift items. With the addition of our new Roof Garden & Coffee/Wine Bar, we now serve coffee, tea, sodas, wine and beer, by the glass or by the bottle, margaritas, and sangria. We also offer pastries, fruit & cheese plates, chips & salsa, and hummus & pita chips for snacking. We are open until 9 pm both Thursdays & Fridays and have live music every Friday night, usually 6 - 9 pm. The Roof Garden Deck & Coffee/Wine Bar are also available for private parties.

“Lagniappe” is a Creole term that means “a little something extra”. It’s like “baker’s dozen”. When you buy something, you get an unexpected gift . . . “a little something extra”. We always strive to do the little extras.

PASSION: I think there is an “entrepreneur” gene, and I have it. I grew up working in my family’s fine jewelry business in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I never thought I would own my own store, but here I am. I was passionate about providing a place where people could buy artwork every day, about the importance of accessories for an outfit or for a room, and at the same time being able to support local artists.

After our move to our present location, I became passionate about building the deck on the roof and changing the upstairs into a coffee/wine bar. After 8 years, my dream came true!

or call 515-274-6703.


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