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Teaching Consumerism

I’ve been glued to the news for the past several weeks and today things look particularly grim. On the heels of all that I learned that East Village Books will have to close their doors due to financing issues.

I’ve spoken with enough small businesses this past year to have some idea of their challenges, fears, and concerns. My response came even before I learned of these issues about 2 years ago when I launched dsmBUZZ. I thought it was worthwhile to ask consumers to invest in memberships rather than asking merchants to supply one more fee to their list of annual fees.

We’ve had some good efforts and response but I’m feeling inadequate at the moment. I would like to do more, make more of an impact, and just so YOU know I’m open to ideas. What will resonate? What will engage? I shall regroup for 2009 and forge ahead because I believe that educating people about responsible consumerism is an important mission.

From the time we first connect into our culture we are taught our role is to be consumers. The response after 9/11 in particular was to get out there and do more consuming.  We did it but things went crazy. Where in the teaching of consumerism is there a lesson on doing so responsibly? Where is that message being taught? Who is teaching it?

For 2009, I hope to roll out a lesson to offer to public schools on the value of consuming responsibly and how purchasing locally is one way to do this. It’s one idea of several but again I would welcome other ideas and contributors.

This is a hunker-down time in which I feel we will all have to regroup together. Maybe the good news is that there will be more awareness of where we need to invest ourselves and our dollars. I just hope it happens before there is little left to save of our small business community.


Fundimensional_logo Kids of all ages like to dream and make things. Small things, big things, fun things. We can do it all. We can design big things that appear heavy but are lightweight and durable. Our materials are versatile and can hang on the wall like a picture frame. Each design is handcrafted and custom-designed, personalized to fit individual needs. Let us help you turn a normal room into an exciting theme room.

FUNdimensional was created on the idea that a creative space doesn’t need to be stifled by décor available to the masses. We allow space to dream and create, as everybody is a child at heart.

With prices starting as low as $120, FUNdimensional can give you a great start at helping you create a room environment unique to your personality. Please give Tom a call at 515-447-2967 or email him at
tom@fundimensional.com to discuss what we can do for you.


#74 Blue Fuzzy Slippers Sherri Baldy

Sherribaldy_2Through her own experiences as a successful entrepreneur, Sherri Baldy realized that people trying to use social media tools to help promote their business were getting scattered to the wind. There are so many tools that must be fed content and some of the them are not a perfect fit for business. Sherri has taken all the elements of many these resources and combined them to create Blue Fuzzy Slippers. In this interview she explains how Blue Fuzzy works and the instant success it is creating for entrepreneurs.

Gortz Haus Gallery - Betty Gortz Odgaard

Gortz_haus_galleryI have had occasion to talk with people bubbling with extreme passion for what they do recently which is great because it reminds me of the real WHY? for owning my own business. Betty Gortz Odgaard is one of those people so it was a pleasure to visit with her. In this interview she explains how Gortz Haus Gallery came to reside in an old church in Grimes, Iowa and how this unique location turned out to be the perfect fit for the realization of dreams. Take a virtual tour with us too.

a bail bondsmen, a veterinarian, and a dentist

What do these three professions have in common? I'm trying to get interviews for the podcast Entrepreneur People. Real Stories with a bail bondsmen, a veterinarian, and a dentist (each for their own podcast). If you are one these folks or know one who might be interested in talking about their business and educating people about their services and industry please contact me. Thanks!

#73 Sweet Binneys - Ryan Binney interview

StephanieandryanbinneyIt was fun and sweet smelling to stand in the bakery and visit with Ryan Binney as he shared his story of starting and running this fine shop that has been making delicious pastries for individuals and businesses in the Des Moines, Iowa area for three years now. Enjoy hearing his insights and behind the counter information of owning a business that has grown on sweet layers of success.

#72 East Village Books - Teri Wood TeBockhorst

Teri_wood_tebockhorst_2The book store business is tough and competitors are fierce but in only a year Teri Wood TeBockhorst and her husband Andy have worked to make East Village Books the destination for people looking for interesting events and great reads. In this interview Teri explains the vision and the mission of this little shop offering BIG returns for visiting patrons.

or call 515-274-6703.


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