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Valley Junction Main Street - Jim Miller

Vjbanner There has been a lot of talk lately about the blows of wall street on main street but even before the latest stock market mayhem the unique communities of indepedent merchants and neighborhoods felt the forces of competitive threats. In this podcast we focus on the Main Street Initiative that works to help retain our historical districts and locally grown economy. Jim Miller, the director of Valley Junction's Main Street program, takes us on a tour and expertly explains how and why Main Street works.

#79 G & L Clothing - Frank Marcovis

Gllogo Frank shares the background story of G & L and how the store has managed to become an institution in Des Moines, Iowa since its establishment in 1917. There are lessons here on the importance of being expert about your products and finding your niche in a very competitive industry.

#78 Critter Control - Jeff Voelker

Voelker_jeff_critter_control_3 As fall comes into full tilt my thoughts turn to the creatures great and small that look for sanctuary during the winter months and that sometimes mean home. Eeeeewww! Why must they invade? Over the years I've grown to believe I'm in some way related to the Egyptian Pharisees having been plagued by several variates of 4-legged pestilence.

In this interview we gain some tips, solace, and insight on the pest control profession from Jeff Voelker owner of Critter Control. Good information and a dose of the eebee jeebies are just thrown in as an added bonus.

Sally Bale Reiki Master

Sally_bale_reiki_master_2Purpose Reiki (pronounced ray key) is an ancient Japanese healing art that uses universal energy for healing and relaxing.  I provide hour long sessions while the client rests comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table.  The client becomes very relaxed, which promotes healing.  Reiki helps a great deal with chronic pain and stress and complements any other therapy the client has going.  Reiki is also beneficial for pets and works in the same way it does for humans.  I go to the pets' own environment to offer Reiki, as they are more comfortable with that.  Part of my business includes visiting Hospice patients in Dallas and Guthrie counties.  Besides having very reasonable rates, I offer a senior citizen discount for clients over 60.  Because I operate from my home, my hours are flexible to meet the needs of my clients.

Passion. I learned Reiki to help my husband, who suffered from chronic pain.  I saw marvelous results with him and enjoyed sharing Reiki so much that I decided to turn it into a business to help more people.  I was so excited about this healing art that I used the word Reiki with an exclamation point behind for the name of my business.  I keep my rates low and am also flexible with them if necessary so that more people feel able to afford it.  It gives me great joy to be a part of helping relieve people of their pain and stress.

Perk. I am offering $5.00 off the first session with the presentation of the dsmBuzz card.  (Rates are $25.00 per session for people 60 and older; $45.00 for those under 60.

Sally Bale

Reiki Master




Celebrate family history month with us!

Sg_logo_colorwebMy other business hat is as a personal historian and owner of Storied Gifts. I work with the families who want to honor their elderly members. I help elder individuals record their memories for an heirloom book. I LOVE this work!

On October 19, along with Larry Lehmer, Denise Gripp, Barbara Tabach, and John Windschitl, we'll be hosting a great event in celebration of family history month. Below are the details. Please join us.

Personal historians to hold free open house on Oct. 19 to celebrate Family History month

Family history is more than senior citizens parked in musty libraries or making rubbings of weathered tombstones. It’s just as much about family, including young children, poking around the Internet to learn about their ancestors. These modern family history detectives use all the tools of the digital age – recorders, scanners, DVDs, GPS devices, and more to help collect, share, and save family stories.

All that modern technology will be on display when Central Iowa members of the Association of Personal Historians sponsor a free open house to celebrate Family History Month on Sunday, Oct. 19, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Urbandale Public Library, 3520 86th Street.

Visitors can learn all aspects of creating a family history, from memory boxes to books to videos at the free open house. Learn creative ideas to jump start your own family project and bring your own ideas to share at this fun event. There will be demonstrations on how to research using the Internet, scan photos, record a video and make a memory box. Personal historians will be available throughout the event to answer your questions, show examples of their work and get you started with your own genealogical and family history research.

Drawings will begin at 3 p.m. for books, memberships, services and other items. Everything is free. For further information, contact Larry Lehmer of When Words Matter at 515-270-2084.

October 15, niche marketing for small business

You're invited for this special inspirational and idea generating event!

Where and When?  Wednesday October 15, at 6:30 p.m. at Valley Junction Community center 217 5th St. West Des Moines. Signs will be posted as to exact room.

It's gotten tough so the tough get going. Please come join with other small business owners for this opportunity to get ideas and insights on marketing your business from photographer Lori Nordstrom. Here is information about Lori and the topic to be covered. After Lori's presentation we'll meet and brainstorm ideas at Lagniappe on the fabulous outdoor patio if weather permits.

Simple Strategies for Success

Join us for a look at Lori’s non-traditional approach to marketing and the client experience.   
Whether you are just starting out in business, or ready for a new direction, get ready for a boost of
inspiration as Lori shares with you ways to keep your passion at the core of all you do. 

We will explore:
finding your niche market
defining your marketing personality
marketing that works
product development and presentation and the client experience from start to finish

Lori Nordstrom opened a portrait studio in Winterset, Iowa in 2000 specializing in maternity and baby portraits.   Her unique approach to children’s portraiture has led to state, national, and international awards and media attention.  Lori's work has been featured in numerous magazines and she is currently writing a book scheduled to release in 2009.

One of Lori's greatest accomplishments has been her charitable work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  In 2008 alone, Lori has raised over $35,000 for LLS and was runner-up for the 2008 "Woman of the Year". 

You may view more of Lori’s work at www.nordstromphoto.com

sponsored by dsmBUZZ and the collective brain power of Mistress Minds Master Mind Group

#77 Swain Chiropractic - Dr. Kari Swain

Karis_picSit up straight! I know I did as I listened to Dr. Kari Swain of Swain Chiropractic share information about chiropractic care. Our spine is the backbone of good health!

This interview offers a great resource for people interested in knowing more about the services offered by a chiropractor and information about the potential benefits. Dr. Kari also talks about the process of setting up a practice and how she got started in the profession.

Opulent October on Entrepreneur Peopl. Real Stories


October 7:  Our bodies are being attacked by our environment and our lifestyle choices! Dr. Kari Swain of Swain Chiropractic in Altoona, Iowa explains the benefits of chiropractic care, how to select your own chiropractor, and the story of her experience in owning and operating a chiropractic service.

October 14: Whether it’s the bats in your belfry or the raccoons in your rafters getting unwanted visitors out of your home can be tricky. Jeff Voelker talks about his business Critter Control and some of the experiences and knowledge he has gained about the pest management business.

October 21: G&L Clothing is an institution for about 100 years in Des Moines, Iowa carrying clothing for bigger men and men and women that work in the field and in the construction industry. In this interview Frank Marcovis shares the story of how his family came into the clothing business and how they have grown this successful business.

October 28: Jim Miller director of the Main Street Program in Valley Junction of West Des Moines, Iowa talks about the principles and scope of Main Street and shares the success story of Valley Junction which was one of the first Main Street examples here in Iowa.

photo by denis collette   Powered by flickr

The Dream Angels

Dreamangels bannerNEW  

The Dream Angels offers many services to help people live their dreams. To be able to live our dreams we need to be happy, healthy, empowered and inspired and I help people achieve that in their lives through naturopathic consulting, herbal healing classes, framed photographic prints, iridology consulting, nature-based classes for children, handmade knitted unicorns, other handmade items and more.

The theme that runs though all of my work is that is is all motivated by healing, teaching and being creative. When I provide naturopathic consulting to a client I seek to help them, but also to learn about creative ways in which they can take control and improve their lives. The knitted unicorns that I create are made from all natural materials and contain healing herbs. The photographs I have for sale are all inspired by healing traditions around the world and evoke a sense of calm, balance, healing or awareness. They are ideal to hang in an office, doctor's office, a restaurant, cafe or alternative care center.

I've accomplished much in the areas I work in and have traveled the world, but I chose to settle in Des Moines, Iowa four years ago because it provides the perfect combinations of small town comfort and International connections, natural living and city convenience, and a place to call home as well as an ideal central place to travel from. These combinations are important to me. As a native Iowan who grew up in Marshalltown and Ames, I have always loved the people and the natural greenery of Iowa. However, as an International traveler for the past 20 years, I need to be able to accept speaking invitations in California, Texas, the East Cost and overseas.

DreamangelsfaetsyadI've been taking photos as a professional since 1989. My work as been published internationally and one photo I took was even used as the background in the opening scene of the Hollywood movie, Stargate. I have a full list of exhibits at publications I have worked for on my website. I always have a few framed photos on display at the Lagniappe in Valley Junction. You may have seen my work in May 2008 at Barnes and Noble. In the area of natural healing I have been consulting, teaching and lecturing since 1999. I run a number of popular online classes and do online as well as office consulting. In the area of teaching I have trained as a Waldorf and a Montessori early childhood teacher and I now provide nature-based programs from my home for after-school and early-day-out enrichment. Through my online shop and office I also sell handmade items that have been created by me and sometimes my children. Right now I am offering handmade knitted unicorns and my son is offering homemade threading beads made from natural oak wood.

1. Free drop-off for any items (including knitted unicorns) you order through my website to Windsor Heights, West Des Moines, & the Urbandale areas and free shipping for orders totalling $10.00 or more. So even if you want to shop local but it is more convenient online - you can still save on postage and delivery just as if you came into a shop.

2. Join a class - get one free. For any class you join, your spouse, friend or family member can also join for free. OR you can choose a second class for no additional fee.

3. Two-for-one consulting: For first time clients only you can bring in a family member or friend and you only pay for ONE consultation. Consulting includes your choice of iridology, reflexology, herbal and naturopathic consulting, or a combination of all of the above. Two-for-one clients must have back-to-back appointments or appointments at the same time (such as in the case of a parent and child).

4. Free consulting for photographic prints. You can visit my site at www.imagenations.com (this connects you to the photopage at www.thedreamangels.com) and browse the photography that is available there. There are also 3000 possible frame and mat combinations available. I can help you choose which photo, mat and frame would be right for your home or office. Just e-mail me for a free consultation at: herbnhome@gmail.com

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Home office at: 1804 74th St. Windsor Heights, IA. 50322
Happenings at this location: classes, consulting and exhibits of photography and crafts

Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Waldorf Teacher, Artist
Healing through art, herbs and education since 1989 at www.TheDreamAngels.com

#76 Radish Restaurant - Mike Mcguigan

FirstradishmethoxyroxyNot a stellar intro on my part for this segment but get past it please to listen to Mike Mcguigan who is the owner of Radish Restaurant in Grimes, Iowa talk about his decades of experience in the food and beverage industry. In just a few years he has made Radish a success with nightly crowds and he actually turned a profit in his first year!

In this program Mike talks candidly about what it takes to make it in a tough, tough business where margins are thin and attention is hard to get. If you're looking to hear about the delicious offerings in this intimate venue or just gather great information about the industry this is a must podcast for you.

photo by methoxyroxy, powered by flickr

or call 515-274-6703.


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