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#84 Brent Hollowell and Zen Class, aahhhhh relax!

ZC_solid_main_slate I particularly enjoyed speaking with Brent about his business called Zen Class. It is an interesting journey about creating a product, branding and launching it that should provide insights for any entrepreneur. Brent generously shares his experience and insights on the brainstorm, creation, and evolution of their first product and a bit of the vision for where Zen Class is headed. Good listening for travelers and entrepreneurial journeymen alike.

the real economic savior

Subprimesaviorshaunwong Okay, I admit it. I've taken a step back in a the last several months from dsmBUZZ. In part to figure out why I've not made this a sustainable business, and in part because I wonder if I'm the right messenger or doing "it" right in terms of content, networking, and promotion. Maybe there are more official and more effective voices in our community. Honestly I'm not sure.

Whether I'm the spokesperson or dsmBUZZ is the vehicle I do believe that NOW, more than ever we should recognize that it is small business that is mighty and will help us recover from our economic failure.

While unfathomable amounts of money fly towards un-transparent and enormous institutions we will create the community and economy we desire by our actions on the small scale. Will some of the big swaths of funds and entities help too? I certainly hope so but I believe in the power of the small guy.

I shouted and screamed at my computer when reading this very exciting post by Becky McCray over at Small Biz Pod. I don't think buy locally has ever been more relevant a message than now.  

If you think what I'm doing has merit and you have ideas or ways that I can do this better, please share them. Even though there has not been any monetary gold at the end of this rainbow there have been wonderful and inspiring people. I'll hang on and think more creatively for them because I believe that ultimately we will be our own economic savior. Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

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feeling wealthy feeling thankful

Happy Thanksgiving sewpixie Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the news each day is depressing BUT I feel wealthy and grateful beyond belief. There is my great hubby, terrific family, and solid friends and the wonderful people I've met since starting my business adventure. Of those I've met, I'm particularly proud of my association with the ladies of the master mind group I'm in.

A hearty and heart-felt thanks for your candor, your sharing of your gifts, and your passion for what you do. You rock!

Barb Niccum and Belinda Goodwin of Pure Paper

Christine McNunn of Fair Trade Gallery

Melinda Toyne of In Any Event

Kelly Moore of Des Moines Families and Kelly Moore Consulting

Sandy Renshaw of Purple Wren

Trish Flaherty of Metropolis PA

Lisa Ballinger of Golf Etc. for Women

Stephanie Binney of Sweet Binney's

The biggest benefit of this group, besides the collective wisdom and creativity, is how we bolster each other up. We're thinking about what our master mind group will work to accomplish next year. If you belong to a master mind please share the benefits of your group and the kinds of things you do to help each other. 

Finally I'm also grateful I started twittering and got connected to Facebook. 

Sharing gratitude with you and thankful you read!  

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#83 Tricia Molloy Working With Wisdom

TriciaMolloy Tricia of Working With Wisdom walks us through her program called  CRAVE which is a 5-step process designed to to move you toward your desires and nudge your thinking.

We also visit about allaying fear to make room for opportunity. This podcast is filled with good thoughts and themes for these days in particular. Take a breath, take a listen, and come away with fresh energy to apply to your own day, your own business, your own work.

the pay off

Atimeofreflectionalternatewords This has been an interesting entrepreneurial year. DsmBUZZ continues to move forward but being a  sustainable venture is still elusive. I'm convinced though that I just have to figure out the "secret sauce" of it to make the idea take flight with the cash that validates it is useful and a good idea. It has also been the reason that LocalsGive was created and that too is looking for wings in 2009.

Although revenue defines something as a business, at the end of it all I long for the "pay off" of having an impact that makes a difference in someone's life.

Storied Gifts has been the validation on both a financial and emotional front in 2008. People hire me! In addition, I enjoy these incredible interviews with elderly people and have had responses like, "I had forgotten that until now" or "I'm starting to dream of my childhood again" or "As I see the events altogether now, I don't think I would have done anything differently." Let me tell you it is this experience of connecting that sends chills and emotion through me.

Inspiring people and ideas abound as I learn to Twitter, create my Facebook, and continue to network on the web. I am grateful for the gems that are discovered. This week I found GuruTrack and an excellent post on the organization Charter for Compassion. In these days when everything we think about the economy, the planet, the world, and ourselves may require a paradigm shift, it seems right to expand our vision of religion too.

The other site that has really captured my attention is The Moth. THIS is exciting story-telling that makes one weep, laugh, and ponder. I LOVE IT! As a personal historian I can't think of anything more powerful than the sharing of stories.

So glad you stopped by to read. Thanks!

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vision on my entrepreneurial journey

Colorfulvisionlulacerdarj Can you believe Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away? Then, of course, there are the other December Holidays after that, and then my personal favorite New Years.

I like this time of year because I enjoy the process of reflection, renewal, making lists, thinking gratefully of where I am and where I would like to go. Here is my "working New Year's" list.

  1. Enjoying more quality time with hubby.
  2. Enjoy the relationships with my adult children. They are so awesome!
  3. Smell more roses in 2009 in general.
  4. Embrace the challenge, acknowledge the fear and go forward anyhow, see the positive.
  5. Personal health choices to improve in 09. More consistent exercise, some diet changes.  
  6. Smile a lot.
  7. Increase hug ratio.
  8. Go to South Africa in September of 2009 to see our son who is serving in the Peace Corps.
  9. Use resources more efficiently in personal and business life.
  10. Be quiet a bit more often.
  11. Build on first year success of Storied Gifts business in 2009.
  12. Continue to have great interviews for the podcast and expand my growing audience for Entrepreneur People. (I love the podcast!)
  13. Reconfigure dsmBUZZ and work smarter in 2009.
  14. Build a fan base for localsgive. Do people want to help locals give and use resources more efficiently?
  15. Be open, be discerning, be courageous.

It's just a working list and I will look at some of my other lists from 08 to see what I've accomplished and where I've "regrouped." For example, I thought I would have 200 dsmBUZZ participating merchants and 2,000 consumers by end of 08. I fell short of this BUT I've learned a ton this year. I'm not daunted but regrouping. My 09 mantra, make it simple, make it simple. make it simple.

Good starts for 2009. I'm starting to enjoy Twitter when I really didn't think I would at first. I'm going to have my daughter help me set up facebook and work to link all my sites and social stuff together. Thanks to Kelly Moore for finally helping me realize this is a good idea! I've got some creative ideas for events I would like to pursue so thinking, learning, passion and I even made a few dollars in 08. Thanks for reading. It means a lot to me.

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#82 Willowsong Midwifery Care - Cosette Boone

Pregnantladykalun The benefits and services of midwife care are discussed in this interview with Cosette Boone. You may be looking for alternatives to traditional hospital/ physician delivery, a midwife yourself, or interested in a business that deals in the natural and incredible area of birth. If you fall into these areas or just want to be inspired by a great entrepreneurial adventure you'll be dazzled and informed by Cosette's interview.

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#81 Avondale Animal Health Care Complex - Dr. Woodruff

Bella - Yawning I'm reminded frequently that the reason I started interviewing entrepreneurs for the podcast Entrepreneur People was to spend time learning from individuals with a passion for what they do. This interview with Dr. Woodruff just reinforces the bonus that comes from listening to someone with that kind of engagement for their purpose!

Dr. Denny Woodruff, owner of Avondale Animal Health Care Complex, has poured his heart and efforts into creating a place with quality care for our precious pets. In this segment he shares his story of what he has learned about people, pets, and the specialty of veterinary medicine. There are great insights and inspiration for business owners and people wanting great advice on caring for their furry family members!

photo by Alexandra Canas

Entrepreneur People Guests November 2008!


November 4: Avondale Veterinary Health Care Complex. Dr. Dennis Woodruff exudes passion for the work and care of animals. In this interview he explains many of the services of Avondale, the evolution of his practice over 30 years, current technology, and helpful tips for those looking for a veterinary care for their precious pets.

November 11: Willowsong Midwifery Care. Cosette Boone MS, CNM talks about the services, philosophy, and history of midwife care. She offers insights on the benefits and options for selecting a provider and the current state of midwifery both nationally and internationally. In this interview Cosette also shares her story and experiences of owning this unique business.

November 18: Motivation in difficult times! Tricia Molloy is a professional speaker, business consultant and author of Divine Wisdom at Work: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs and the upcoming book, Take Your Higher Self to Work: 7 Best Practices for Success. Her most popular program, CRAVE Your Goals!™, presents a powerful, practical five-step system for attracting what you desire and deserve. She shares an overview of those insights.

November 25: Zen Class. It’s in the bag! Brent Hollowell explains the ins and outs of product development, branding, and the many aspects of launching a product and a business devoted to helping travelers find the Zen in their travel experience. Whether you’re on the entrepreneurial journey or a traveler in general this is an interview that you’ll find engaging. 

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