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#89 Wilson Bickford artist and art instructor

Wilson Bickford Wilson Bickford has been in his business, a business that just evolved for him, more than 20 years. I love his story and the lessons he shares about what people ultimately are seeking when they come to him for his instruction. Knowing what your customers want and acting on that need is key. There are artful epiphanies here.

#88 Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds - Tonya Rynerson

Tonya Rynerson One of the life lessons that has certainly come home to me personally this year is "You've got to take the bad with the good." There simply can't be good times unless there are bad ones too and both make up a life. How we handle and embrace those bad times is the stuff of personal growth. Also, "This too shall pass" comes to mind because nothing lasts and that is how it should be.

These thoughts kept going through my mind in this very insightful and informative interview with Tonya Rynerson of Greg Rynerson Bail. She shares quite a bit of information about an industry which I personally didn't know much about, but more than that she showed me that this area really does help people at a time when they are probably at about their lowest point.

In this season and during these tough times in our economy think about who you have in your life that "watches your back" and helps you embrace both the good and the bad. What is it that they do for you? What qualities do they posses that they share? Tonya strikes me as such a person you would want to help if someone in your life was in trouble 

Interesting where people FIND you.

Sherryborzoalex canas photo As mentioned in prior posts, I've been thinking and thinking. How will I revamp and rework dsmBUZZ for 2009 to make it do more towards the purpose of the buy locally owned mission? This interesting post over at Small Biz Trends by Janet Meiner Thaeler resonated at this time as I ponder.

I've had some feedback this past year from merchants and drawn some of my own conclusions and I think I have a plan. I've run it by hubby who shrugs but says he thinks it is fine so next onto my inner circle of trust . . . those master mind ladies. Then I'll unlaunch the ideas in January of 2009. 

Perhaps I've mentioned to you that dsmBUZZ does get an occasional interesting call. Sometimes a person rings and wants to order a cake. Once someone from Interstate Battery called and wanted information about the boat that Michael LaValle owns to book for a company party. My favorite was when a woman contacted dsmBUZZ and wanted to know more details about the Des Moines Botanical Center and the Reiman Gardens in Ames. With each call, I always put on my most personable customer service charm and offer assistance.

I'm eager to share my new ideas so if you have the time and an interest to offer your thoughts on my plan please contact me at sherry@dsmbuzz.com or just give me a call at home 515.274.6703. Today I'm not going ANYWHERE in this frigid weather and the only things scheduled are a couple of interviews I'm pre-recording for Entrepreneur People. Real Stories.

Just an FYI. I did some searches like those mentioned in the Small Biz Trends post and here is how dsmBUZZ ranked.

Then I did broader searches like 'books' (I got bored with trying to find a buzz post), but for 'massage' in Ankeny, Iowa buzz came in with Metamorphosis at something like 89 and for 'yoga', Ankeny, Iowa buzz post for Balance Yoga Lounge was number 2!

Points to Pure Paper owners who have a healthy presence everywhere on the web! I think the important point is to be present on the internet and the more people can find you and find our MORE about you the better. Thanks for reading!

Storied Gifts - Making Family Memories Meaningful

SG_Logo_ColorWebSherry Borzo
Personal Historian
phone: 515.274.6703
cell:   515.707.9455
email: sherry@storiedgifts.com

Storied Gifts "There is no other history more important than your own."


Sherry talks memories of Des Moines, her customers, buying local

Music by Scott Davis



#87 Herb n Home Kristie Karima Burns MH, ND

Kristie Karima Burns Is this a time of stress for you? Are you stressed that I ask that? Kristie of Herb n Home and The Dream Angels shares a compelling entrepreneurial journey which is worth a listen but more than that, she also offers some interesting information that may help you rethink what you eat and how you're taking care of yourself. Health is always important but in stressful times it is imperative to keep yourself in good shape. Take a listen and glean entrepreneurial and personal health ideas.

#86 Louise Howland of The Art of Conversation

TOACCHILDRENIMAGE Consider this interview my personal Holiday gift to you! Louise Howland of The Art of Conversation tells an engaging story of the evolution of her business that starts with connecting with partner Keith Lamb. It's a journey that has a Homer-ish quality with amazing things that just "happen" when they are meant to coming along the path to the point now where they have this very successful business. Also, for those of you wondering how on earth you'll survive the quality time with family and friends during this month of togetherness, here is a great activity idea! You can unwrap this present early and listen! Thanks

Two Rivers of Central Iowa

Two_rivers_reia-1[1] We, the "Two Rivers REIA of Central IA, LLC" (TRREIA) are an association for Real Estate Investors(primarily residential), founded in 2006. We are an affiliate of the National REIA, and thereby affiliated with 225 such groups all over the country. There are over 40,000 members. Our local chapter has over 50 active members and meets twice each month Sept- May, and once each month in the summer.

Meetings are on the 1st Saturday, at 8:00AM and the 3rd Wednesday, at 6:00PM.See our website at http://TwoRiversREIA.org to pinpoint location of upcoming meeting and map directions.

We're all about education, networking, and mentoring at the Two Rivers REIA of Central
IA, LLC. Come see us some time!

Andrew Leitzow of reia Contact: 
Andrew Lietzow, MBA
Executive Director, Two Rivers REIA of Central IA, LLC

President, The ACL Group, Inc.
Licensed to Sell Real Estate in Iowa
RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts
4515 Fleur Dr Ste 203
Des Moines, IA 50321-2369
(C) 515.710.1955 (O) 515.633.3347 (F) 888.220.5523

#85 Barry Rubin talks about Ink

Fountain pen and moleskine Barry Rubin owner of Ink talks about his experiences and insights in entrepreneurism. Barry has created several successful enterprises and harnessed that wisdom to promote his passion for pens. Through engaging stories Barry provides an inspiring shot in the arm about the what and why creating a business for the creator and the customer.

photo by bob abuchon, powered by flickr

The gifts of December on Entrepreneur People

Christmas presents katie blanch December 2: What’s mightier than the sword? Barry Rubin owner of Ink provides a memorable experience for his clients and the opportunity to obtain the perfect pen for their writing aspirations. He is a wonderful story teller and shares insights that are worthy of lessons for every entrepreneur as well as seeker of the perfect Le Plume.

December 9:  The holiday season is upon us and that means extra time with family and friends. Warm up the season by enriching your relationships with great conversation! In this interview we head off to Australia to speak with Louise Howland one of the creators and entrepreneurs behind the exciting experience called The Art of Conversation.  

December 16: Herb n Home owner Kristie Karima Burns MH, ND shares her dynamic story of travel and adventure that led to her business as an expert and consultant in alternative healing and herbal remedies. Here we sit together over cups of herbal tea while she explains her services and journey as a life-long entrepreneur. 

December 23:Providing education and support when families and individuals are in crises is has been Tonya Rynerson’s passion for many years. Based in California she and her husband Greg Rynerson own Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds. In this interview she explains this unique business and her experience in the industry.  

December 30: Twenty years later Wilson Bickford hadn’t planned on becoming an artist or art instructor but today his business is all about helping others realize their own creativity while achieving his own. In this interview Wilson debunks a few of the myths of working with oil paint, how his business has evolved, and his own discovery about what customers truly crave.

photo by Katie_Blanch, powered by flickr

or call 515-274-6703.


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