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#93 Liz Strauss of Successful Blog

Lizstrauss Each time I listen to or read Liz Strauss of Successful Blog I'm struck by the word that comes immediately to mind authentic . She speaks a truth that resonates and makes the process of marketing seem like an exciting adventure rather than a struggle. In this interview, she talks about generating community and building a business in a way that inspires, As we spoke I thought, "Lucky me!" Now I'll share the wealth. Enjoy.

#92 Karrie Ross of Book Cover Designer

Karrie ross book cover designer Karrie Ross helps authors succeed in getting their content on the bookstore shelf and then in the hands of customers. With several decades of expertise in publishing, design, and marketing Karrie works with the growing number of people who seek to find their footing in self-publishing. In this interview she shares insights about what is required to create a winning book and her own story of maintaining and growing her business.

buy local campaigns do help

Buystorefront Although dsmBUZZ is not an official member of the American Independent Business Alliance I do look to this organization as a great resource. There are a robust collection of not for profit AMIBAs across the country doing great things. I hold out that the dsmBUZZ model (soon to revamp a bit) can be a business unto itself while promoting the buy local message. Look for my plan of changes by the end of January.

Here is an excerpt from a recent study:

"Of special interest to independent businesses, the survey also found that local retailers in cities with organizations with permanent 'Buy Independent/Local' campaigns reported much stronger holiday sales than those in cities lacking such efforts. Well over one hundred such groups have formed across the country in recent years. Independent retailers in these cities still saw a decrease in sales compared to last year, but the drop was 3.2% -- far less than the 5.6% decline reported in cities without permanent “Buy Local” organizations."

Here is a link to the full press release

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#91 Valerie Karnes of Kids Cash Connection

Valerie karnes kids cash connection In this interview Valerie of Kids Cash Connection shares her experience of launching this unique business that offers education to children about responsible money management and entrepreneurism. Now more than ever starting young to learn these skills is vital. Hear how Valerie has maximized her use of social media and other tools to grow her vision.


MW_Logo_R_3C_LRG There may not be much jangle in my pocket from some of my "business" projects but I've reaped rewards of many kinds in lieu of cash. Recently, for example, I just completed my 90th podcast of Entrepreneur People. Real Stories  and I have to say I've been thrilled with the caliber of cool and inspired people I've stalked for these interviews.

In addition to the wealth of people I've also encountered the opportunity for fame. Several months ago I interviewed Tim Mikkelsen and Phyllis Wright-Herman of the successful MikWright business.You can find their irreverent humor in independent stores all over the place including Des Moines.

At the end of the interview I felt my ego swell and decided that I had a photo that might be a MikWright fit. Tim explained that they get tons of submissions from people who think they have funny family photos so I didn't hold my breath but I sent in my favorite sill photo anyhow. Then the call came! I've been MikWrightized!!!  

#90 Brian Larson of Ponderosa Valley Wellness

Brian Larsen In this interview Brian Larson talks about the most essential components of a successful pursuit of wellness. No gimmicks, nothing easy, but the results are most important. This is a business founded on commitment to the passion and the people to yield results.

Hope and Opportunity in 2009!

These days I'm thinking that embracing the bad times with as much gusto as I do the good is really important. It all passes in any case. I feel optimistic about the opportunities of 2009!

I thought this was a wonderful story about how creativity and entrepreneursim open doors where windows have seemingly been slammed shut.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Jumping into January 2009! Entrepreneur People. Real Stories.

Jumpforjoyscottabelman January 6: For the past decade Brian Larson of Ponderosa Valley Wellness, West Des Moines, Iowa has coached others tapping into a robust pool of knowledge and tools to help them achieve and protect life’s most important asset. In this interview Brian shares an interesting story with personal revelations. Get inspired and gather ideas to feel great. Invest and commit to yourself this new year!

January 13:  Valerie Karnes of Kids Cash Connection passionately explains the shift that needs to take place in our schools in helping children understand the real value of money. In this interview, she highlights the mission of Kids Cash Connection including the launch and management of their business and where they are headed.

January 20: Karrie Ross of Book Cover Design shares her years of experience in owning her own business interests. Book Cover Design helps others achieve their vision of professionally designed and bound books and informational materials. Karrie provides some excellent tips on how to create books and products that sell, the importance of design, and how to make it in the long haul as an entrepreneur.

January 27:  Liz Strauss of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers creates community, writes feverishly, and helps clients utilize the social media tools as a friend in building community. Genuine, fearless, and chock-full of thought provoking insights here Liz explains a few thoughts sure to clear the dust from your mental corners on the why and how of relationships for business.  

Thanks for stopping by. Take a listen to past episodes of Entrepreneur People. Real Stories. We've had awesome guests sure to teach lessons through their own stories.

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ten tips to better health in 2009 by Brian Larson

Glass of water jim murphy's photostream flickr   

  1. Drink plenty of good water (Information out suggests 1/2 your body weight in ounces per/day).
  2. Eat Super foods (Vine ripened fruits and vegetables).
  3. 30 minutes of activity per/day (Cardio and strength training).
  4. Eat fiber containing foods.
  5. Eat low-glycemic foods (Avoid foods that spike your insulin levels).
  6. Avoid processed foods when ever possible.
  7. Take EFA's (Omega 3's good quality / our bodies don't produce or store).
  8. Reduce exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants (Whenever possible).
  9. Get plenty of sleep.
  10. Supplementation (Good quality in a food matrix so your body identifies it as food, not synthetic).

These tips come from participating dsmbuzz merchant Brian Larson of Ponderosa Valley Wellness. Thanks Brian!

This is what we advise and teach our clients.


Brian Larson  H.C.,  G.K.C.C. 

President GDMBRG

Executive Director, Mannatech

Ponderosa Valley Wellness

131  56th Street

West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

H - 515-221-0421

C - 515-229-0189

Fx - 515-221-1613

"Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve." 


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