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Dashing December 2009 - Entrepreneur People Real Stories Lineup

Tuxedo by amanky December 1: No better time than now to use it, and always absolutely essential, is our ability to think creatively.  Kelly Boon of CHOAS(Creative Humor and Other Stuff) speaker and trainer extraordinaire helps organizations of all kinds, cooperate and non-profit, unleash their creative processes through the healing and uplifting opportunity to laugh. Learn about Kelly and her business journey, and along the way watch out for banana peels and other such that may send you reeling with laughter.

December 8:  If you’ve been drenched in all the hype about social media and still scratch your head, this interview with Doug Mitchell of Create Wow Media will help you learn what is available and how it works to build your business brand.  A master of presentation media, Doug and his team help clients sort through the rhetoric and harness all the available tools to build business one dazzling WOW after another.

December 15:  This woman speaks poetry when it comes to discussing the ingredients of her soups, the flavors within, and the myriad of edible opportunities available for the table at Frontier Soups. Trisha Anderson shares the engaging story of starting her business with some selected dried ingredients and a crock pot and growing from there into a delicious success of a business 25 years old. 

December 22:  Provide reasoned, researched, and well-written articles that people can count on for answers to life’s pesky questions free of charge. This was the mission that drove Jonathan Hatch to create St. Paul Mediaand harness the talents of a core group of contributors who answer questions about how to get rid of things, clean things, cook meat, and more. Meet Jonathan, Amber Ronning, Adam Bjerk and learn how they meld worthwhile information for free into revenue generating media properties.

December 29:  Are you plagued with piles of paper in your office and/or home and can’t find things when you need them?  Enter Bryan Pulliam of  The File Harmonic who offers a solution to organize your paper files in a way that makes sense for  how YOU think. In this interview, Bryan reveals his unique creative problem-solving  style and some of the insights learned throughout decades as a successful multi-preneur.

photo by amanky powered by flickr

Boesen Florist - An interview with Tom Boesen (#132)

Flowers In this fast-paced and informative interview Tom Boesen of Boesen Florist talks about the 85-year history of his family owned business and some of the issues that face the floral industry. He also candidly discusses what it takes to sustain a business in the long haul, the Boesen Florist commitment to green solutions, a view of the day-to-day operations, and why he is a testament to social media for business. (blog and twitter) Tom is high energy and articulate about the gift of flowers, community and offers a bouquet of insights. Enjoy!

#131 Kidzart - An interview with founder Shell Medelsen Herman

Shell Medelson Herman of Kidzart Kidzart is a successful business that has brought art programming into schools for both day and after-school education. Shell walks us through the journey of taking this huge idea and creating an award-winning franchise found throughout the U.S. and now parts of Europe.  

Kidzart logo An informative tour filled with insights on how to create franchise, Shell's candor and humor about the experience of growing a business are both entertaining and informative.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!

The Delicious Story, I've got a Business Coach

David and sherry eight Is it wrong to admit that part of what I really enjoy about owning my own business is not just doing what I love, but also the exhilarating bipolarism of it all? One day I can be bummed and kind of feel burned out about the struggle to be found and find those who are interested in what I do, and the next day I can feel euphoric with a world of opportunity. Okay, so that confession aside, I have finally hired a business coach by the name of Melanie Jordan to help me find focus and realize what all this stuff I'm doing amounts to in terms of a business. I'll be posting a bit now and then about that journey. Probably should have hired one a year ago but it took me awhile to find one I liked that made sense to me.

Now the other big news is that David and I are hosting a show over at Des Moines Local Live called The Delicious Story. We just started about five weeks ago and already we're having a blast meeting terrific people. The idea is to not just talk food, but also share the enriching stories that take place around the table. Check out our most recent show with Cassie Sampson of East Village Spa. She provided some tasty recipes which can be found in the notes section on our The Delicious Story FAN PAGE. I just formed it yesterday so ignore the "group" page and go to FAN PAGE to keep posted on upcoming guests, recipes, and great food experience conversation. Oh yes, learn how you could win a $20 gift certificate at East Village Spa compliments of The Delicious Story!

photo by canas photography

#130 Helen Pham of Simply Savvy Aprons

Helen pham of ssa I found Helen Pham of Simply Savvy Aprons via twitter (love the twitter) and right off enjoyed the name of her business. It was an absolute treat to discover that she has a terrific story to tell of how she decided to start her own business. Her journey provides insights into product development and manufacturing. I particularly love the conclusion she came up with during these economic times as a student and young person.

#129 Sherry Borzo of Storied Gifts

SG_Logo_ColorWeb I've been pleased with the wonderful guests that have been on Entrepreneur People Real Stories the past couple of years. It is hard to believe there have been over 100 shows recorded and interviews obtained. At this juncture in my business, Storied Gifts, I thought it was time to put myself through the interview paces and share what I've learned from the entrepreneurial journey thus far. I'm passionate about my work as a personal historian and wanted to share my story of helping people share their stories in a meaningful way.

A huge thanks to Kelly of Kelly Moore Consulting for conducting the interview. And thanks to all who listen to these programs. I hope you've gained business wisdom, and learned more about the people and services that come from  these entrepreneurial adventurers.


November 2009 Entrepreneurs on EPRS

November 1 by Bri...D November 3:Sherry Borzo of Storied Gifts. In this interview I change seats as host with Public Relations expert and good friend Kelly Moore of Kelly Moore Consulting. I am passionate about the mission behind Storied Gifts;  that there is no other history more important than your own. I speak to my first full year in business and what I’ve learned from the process and my clients about enjoying the journey.


November 10:  Helen Pham of Simply Savvy Aprons. This entrepreneur helps restaurant staff and salon stylists look their very best. Helen’s story is both inspiring and informative as she takes us from product idea all the way through the manufacturing process. Her discoveries and reasoning are a marvel and sure to provide excellent groundwork for others.    


November 17:  Shell Medelson Herman of Kidzart. The vision for Kidzart was to create a viable business focused on providing art education to children. The reality has been a hugely successful program that can be found in states across the US and recently overseas as well. In this interview, Shell explains how she co-founded this concept, and helped expand Kidzart into an award winning franchise opportunity.


November 24:  Tom Boesen of Boesen the Florist. In this interview we take a journey back to when Boesen Florist first began with Tom Boesen’s grandparents. They moved to Des Moines, Iowa with a goal of owning a floral business. Today this family owned business is a cornerstone not only for the local community but one of the largest wholesalers in the states. Tom shares his years of knowledge and his passion for the industry.  His is a passion that still blooms today.


photo by Bri...D, powered by flickr

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