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#136 St Paul Media

Jonathan hatch We have this 10-year-old poodle/schnauzer mix (goes by Poochie - Dog of Shame) that loves to jump up on the new leather couch that sits near our front living room window. She's not supposed to go there, but she heads that way anyhow to bark at passing people and animals when we're not around to scold.  Recently, I figured out how to solve the problem by simply moving the couch, but before that there would be the occasional puppy prints on this plush soft leather that KILLED me.

I went in search of a way to safely clean the sofa and found St. Paul Media and was enthralled. Here was well-written content that was researched and fun to read. That day I learned that St. Paul Media has other sites to help people do a number of things - cook meat, ret rid of things, and live a more eco-friendly life. The amazing thing is that all of this information is supplied to the public for free. Meet Jonathan Hatch and learn how St. Paul Media began, some of the contributors behind the the articles, and how they have provided terrific information for free while also generating revenue.


Create a year of NO REGRETS - Christine Hegstad Ph.D.


Leap of faith fred dawson Thursday, January 14, 1 – 4pm
Connxions Event Center
3901 NW 121st Street, Urbandale, IA 50323
$79 (Earlybird $65 through December 30)
How will you make 2010 your BREAKTHROUGH year? Toss out stale new year’s resolutions and discover how to create an energizing, astounding year for yourself! Join Dr. Christi Hegstad of MAP Professional Development Inc. for Create A Year of No Regrets, an afternoon designed just for you. In this inspiring workshop you will uncover your vision, engage in thought-provoking exercises, and leave with a personalized action plan to live your year of no regrets, beginning immediately. Past participants have started companies, planted gardens, run marathons, gotten their finances in order, traveled overseas, and so much more! Pre-registration required; details and testimonials can be found at

Christine D. Hegstad, Ph.D.
MAP Professional Development Inc.
Meaningful Careers, Purposeful Lives

photo by Fred Dawson powered by flickr

#135 Frontier Soups - Trisha Anderson

Frontiersoups-logo This interview warms the heart,  if you love winning stories of entrepreneurs, but also delights with savory conversations about food.  Frontier Soups, based in Illinois, was founded by Trisha over 20 years ago so she is a deft storyteller with seasoned skill for sharing her journey. Enjoy an enthralling and educational 33 minutes.

#134 Doug Mitchell of Create Wow Media

Createwowmedialogo In this interview, Doug explains how Create Wow Media helps client's shout out their business brand with pizazz. Along the way he offers tips and suggestions regarding how and why to harness social media.  Note: We sound particularly fabulous, due to the microphone system that Doug set up over at Des Moines Local Live. DMLL is just one of the ventures where Doug and his team have harnessed their media prowess to boldly raise public awareness for a client.

Where have all the boomers gone?

Think by planetschwa About a month ago I started working with a coach by the name of Melanie Jordan and thus far I'd give the process a definite thumbs up. The arrangement we've agreed to is a conversation that goes back and forth via email (my favorite way to communicate). I think and write, think and write, and she poses questions which I think about and write about some more. Amazingly, I'm actually thinking about marketing.Sadly I've not done a lot of that in the past three years. Is this an afflication for anyone else?

Since my primary service within Storied Gifts is helping clients create their personal memoirs, and I generally tend to work with elders, I'm either hired by the individual, or more often hired by the family who wants to give this service as a gift. The family members tend to be boomers, so one exercise Melanie suggested I do is consider where the boomers are likely to be found, i.e. publications and activities. I'm a boomer myself (born in 1962), so I've got some insights here. As I ponder where "we" are I'm singing that Pete Seeger Song, "Where have all the boomers gone?"

Actually, the process has got me thinking about LOTS of things to move forward with in 2010. Ahhhhh, a fresh perspective!In addition, I got this great feedback from Sandy Renshaw of Purple Wrenabout things I should consider doing to make my SG site more friendly. She is one very wise woman that Ms. Renshaw!

photo by planet schwa powered by flickr

#133 Kelly Boon of CHOAS

Kelly boon of CHOAS
Warning! This podcast could lead your organization toward utilizing creativity at work. Listen at the risk that attitudes will improve and productivity could increase. Kelly Boon, founder of CHOAS, reeks havoc and life into corporations and non-profits seeking to maximize the power of creative thinking within.  Enjoy her infectious attitude and ideas in this interview.

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