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#145 Doug Lipman of Story Dynamics

Doug lipmanYou'll be drawn in by his stories. Doug Lipman of Story Dynamics knows A LOT of stories and tells them well. Do you want to find out the power of storytelling? You'll learn more in this interview.

In addition, Doug goes on to say some things about marketing and business that I found HUGELY comforting. These insights come from a gentleman who has had his own business since the early 70s so his thoughts come with the wisdom of history. I'm very proud to have met and spoken with Doug. Enjoy.

#144 Louis Dean The Singing Gourmet

Louis dean photo This was a particularly fun interview because Louis tells wonderful stories of his experiences bringing a fine dining experience into the home of his clients while singing for their supper. The backdrop of how he was inspired to fuse his talents to create his business as The Singing Gourmet is also inspiring. Also, he describes some of the dishes he loves to make. The yum factor without the calories. Bon Appetit!

reNew Design Studio

ReNew Logo Quality design, construction documents and specifications don't have to cost a fortune.  In fact, a complete set of construction documents can actually save money over the course of a renovation or construction project!  reNew Design Studio offers affordable and high quality design with a focus on renovations, historic preservation, tax credits, custom homes, kitchens, bathrooms, additions, garages, decks, and other "house" projects.

I have a Masters Degrees in both Architecture and Social Work. reNew Design Studio's underlying philosophy is that a good designer's roles include both helping define the client's vision and creatively translating that vision into drawings that accurately describe the project to the contractors. Of course defining needs and resolving conflicts between the needs, the vision, and the budget is often one of the more difficult parts of the process! Not only can I help with creative solutions, I can also help make the decision-making process run more smoothly.

With over 10 years of years experience in residential renovation, addition, and new construction design you can be confident in creative and complete service. I have designed and prepared construction drawings for over 80 renovation projects that range in size from a small bathroom through a multi-million dollar warehouse-to-loft conversion!


515 + 710 3484

Ebersole Cattle Company

Ebersole family

Located just 60 miles outside of Des Moines the Ebersole family raise cattle "naturally the good old fashioned way." They market cattle and also supply both delicious grass fed and pastured beef to central Iowa. To learn more about the Ebersole Ranch you can go to their website.

In addition, you can also discover details about the Iowa ranch life here.

Shanen Ebersole

K Ink Tattoo

K. Ink Tattoo & Piercing
110 NE Trilein Dr Suite 8
Ankeny, IA 50021
(515) 257-6465

Locally owned and operated by Chad Kovac, K Ink Tattoocaters to those who want a safe and friendly environment to receive artisan tattoos and piercings.

Kink one
Kink three


#142 Gayl Murphy of Interview Tactics

Gayl2-lrg Hang on to your pen! In this interview Gayl Murhpy, author of "Interview Tactics: How to survive the media without getting clobbered," delivers useful ideas to help you think about how you should deliver your message so it is heard and spread. Garner concepts that Gayl, a Hollywood correspondent and interview expert, has taught to celebrities and high-profile personalities over the years. Learn how to celebritize your brand so that you can wear shades and hobnob.

Fantastic February Entrepreneurs

Retriever by maistora February 2:  Gayl Murphy, Hollywood correspondent and interview expert, cuts to the chase with useful tips on how to attract and maximize talking to the media for your business. Gayl is the author of “How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered.” She has years of experience as a reporter, speaker, and coach helping people deliver their story in a way that captures the imaginations of others. Hang on to your pen during this fast-paced interview filled with great ideas and compelling stories.

February 9:  Omniopolis founder Bryan Pullman explains this new opportunity to access all the news in your community (no matter how big or small) and market your business in a unique way allowing you complete control to whom and how your message is delivered. Omniopolis is a bevy of resources including private branded radio and truLlocal classifieds. Bryan will spend some time explaining how TruLocal takes on-line classifieds to a new level beyond anything on the web to date.

February 16:  He sings for your supper and cooks the meal, too.  Enjoy this enchanting interview with Louis Dean, Des Moines, Iowa’s Singing Gourmet. Gather ideas for how to create a unique and memorable meal in your home, and listen to the inspiring stories that Louis shares about making a difference in the lives of others. This show is food for the entrepreneurial soul. Consider how you can incorporate your personal passions and talents into a business that represents your values.

February 23:  Doug Lipman of Story Dynamics takes us on a journey of his 30-plus years of experience in business as a storyteller coach and performer. In this interview, he moves naturally from one story to the next, providing insights on how to convey your story effectively.   Of note, I particularly loved Doug’s philosophy on marketing, what it is and how to do it. I came away with a sense of enthusiasm about “the big M” rather than my usual dread. Thanks Doug. Enjoy.

photo by maistora on flickr

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