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#153 Suzanne Hull of Contemporary Business Solutions

Susan hull Suzanne got her initial recognition for Unemployed in Des Moines, but what makes Suzanne's entrepreneurial story so compelling is the conclusion she has reached as a result of that process.

The reality she came to is one of personal empowerment and entrepreneurism through her business Contemporary Business Solutions. It's a journey near and dear to my heart and I know you'll be uplifted, too. If you are in business and struggling to do it all, re-thing and consider getting help to achieve your own success.

Audio file glitch dashes interview with Alexander Grgurich of Foundy

Audio tape by i want a monkey The EPRS show featuring an interview with Alexander Grgurich of Foundry Coworking was intended for March 23, 2010. However the audio file got zapped by an evil techno-glitch. I'm pleading my case to Alexander for a redo interview and will get back to you.

Thanks for listening and look for a lineup of wonderful entrepreneurial stories for the upcoming weeks through April. Also in April, look for Entrepreneur People Real Stories to have a web home of its own. It has only taken three years! Now you can learn more about the guests from the past shows and get inspiration for your own entrepreneurial journey. Look for an open house invite coming your way soon.

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Logo color screeres

My name is Maureen Allen and I am the CEO and owner of ErgoWorkSite.  I have lived in Central Iowa for over 40 years. My business is the only business in Central Iowa that focuses on providing Ergonomic Reviews. I have been a Nurse for 25 years and I am a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. 
ErgoWorkSite provides comprehensive ergonomic reviews and suggests evidence-based solutions to improve and maximize comfort, productivity and safe human performance. We perform ergonomic evaluations for individuals, departments, healthcare facilities, food service industries, manufacturers, or entire corporations, either online or on-site.
ErgoWorkSite's online ergonomic reviews are a groundbreaking concept for reviewing workstations at work or at home -- finding the most cost-effective route to get the ultimate results and reduce injuries.
ErgoWorkSite’s team has performed more than 2,000 ergonomic reviews. We reduced workers compensation costs by 50 percent at one of America’s largest hospitals through our comprehensive ergonomic program.
Ergonomics is the systematic and rational method of matching the work with the worker, emphasizing prevention of musculoskeletal injuries through education, worksite adjustments, employee compliance, and follow up. As more work takes place at the computer, hundreds of thousands of new Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) cases are reported every year. Treating just one severe case can cost thousands of dollars. In many cases, CTS and other workplace injuries are caused by poorly designed workstations. Medical treatments may be ineffective if the worker must return to the workstation that created the discomfort.

Mo in Italy (3) Maureen Allen 

7921 Townsend Ave.

Urbandale, Iowa  50322

(515) 205-8153




Randall Sorensen of Tax Return Score pt.1 (podcast #151)

Tax2960 by Mondays child Before the housing bubble burst loans flowed freely. Lending decisions were made with slim borrower information and lower credit score requirements. Part economic soothsayer and entrepreneurial journeyman, Randall Sorensen could see the flaw with this and wanted to created a better tool. As a forensic accountant, Sorensen understands that an individual's true fiscal strength is revealed in the pages of the 1040 form. In this first episode of a two-part interview, we'll learn how Sorensen developed the Tax Return Score and why this could be a tool used by lenders in our new economy.

photo by Mondays child powered by flickr

Confessions of An Entrepreneur?

Confession by lawrence OP Several months ago I put it "out there" that I was working with business coach Melanie Jordan to try and get some focus over my business projects, identify true revenue streams, and gel an actual marketing strategy. Then I proceeded not to report in with you here. I know why. I admitted it to myself the other day. I was hoping to say something like, "This all has resulted in sales, sales, sales. But now I recognize that that is silly. This is a process and I'm at the beginning of it in many ways.

I'm not a guru . . . just a "learning as I go" entrepreneurial spirit. With that in mind, I can share the wisdom I've gleaned from the last several years of my efforts mixed with the recent work with both Melanie and also Dhyan Atkinson who is helping me form a consistent strategy for marketing specific to Storied Gifts. You can read the recent piece about SG in the Des Moines Register here. 

Here are several of the insights I've come to at this point:

  • It took three years to get here but finally the euphoria of the beginning part of entrepreneurship has been replaced with a desire to be focused and practical . . . mostly.
  • I think I can become comfortable with a marketing strategy that won't "feel" like marketing.
  • I will not misplace my enthusiasm for finding new things to do and other projects with the need to market.
  • I've had lots of successes.
  • I am happy with my failures as they've helped me learn.
  • Oh . . . I guess then there are no failures.
  • I will blog more often and share my experience hopeful that it will be of use to others.
  • I won't try and say it all in one post.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll check in with a new lesson learned next week. In the meantime, if spring and life have you in the "change" mode . . . what do you most want to change this year about your business?

photo by lawrence op powered by flickr

#150 Mignon Fogarty is THE Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty In the form of an explanation/ reminder, I started Entrepreneur People Real Stories about the same time that I launched dsmBUZZ. I was/am on a mission to learn what makes entrepreneurs hum along and glean/ share their wisdom.

This interview with Mignon Fogarty. author of "Quick and Dirty Tips to Better Writing," has instantly become one of my favorites. Her story is the kind that takes one's breath away, due in part to her quick ascend in popularity with the public and how that culminates in a book deal that becomes a NYT bestseller. The other reason is because she so graciously and generously shares her thoughts on the experience of being an entrepreneur. There are gems to be heard.

Thanks for listening! 

By the way, this month makes three years of interview with EPRS. I'm proud of the content and the people who have shared their stories. Look for EPRS to have it's own web home in April of 2010. I'll send out open house invites soon.  

Magnitude of March in Entrepreneur Interviews

Elephant measure by marcokalmann March 2, 2010

Mignon Fogarty is THE Grammar Girl and creator of the popular Quick and Dirty Tipswebsite where experts offer up concise and useful information on a myriad of topics. In this program we learn about Mignon’s incredible journey from top 100 iTunes podcaster to author of the New York Times best seller, “Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.” Mignon relates her phenomenal entrepreneurial journey and her thoughts on marketing -- with a few grammar tips as an extra bonus.


March 9, 2010

Randall Sorensen explains his background as a forensic accountant and how that experience led him on the entrepreneurial journey to create the Tax Return Score. This tool can help lenders more accurately determine loan risk over the use of credit data and credit score. This is a particularly relevant topic in these post meltdown days of our economy. We’ll start to understand the foundation for the Tax Return Score and how it can help. Randall also shares some interesting stories of forensic accounting in part one of this interview.


March 16, 2010

In part two we pick up our conversation with Randall Sorensen about the potential uses of the Tax Return Score and how it may help lenders make better lending decisions in the future. Randall talks about the interesting process of pitching this tool to lenders, credit bureaus and politicians. Could Tax Return Score be the paramount tool used by lenders in the future? We’ll explore that in this segment of the interview.


March 23, 2010

Alexander Grgurich of Foundry Coworkinghas been a passionate entrepreneur for about a decade . . . and he is only in his early 20s. In this interview we'll learn about his amazing experiences and insights about entrepreneurship, social media, and Des moines, Iowa. We'll also  talk about how entrepreneurs are rethinking the workspace, moving from home offices or coffee shop tables to spaces that allow them flexibility, office amenities and the potential to collaborate.


March 30, 2010

Suzanne Hull of Contemporary Business Solutions offers virtual services to business owners that yield tangible results. We’ll meet Suzanne and learn how she has moved from employee to business owner and the impetus behind the transition. Suzanne steps in to assist businesses on an as-needed basis saving them the costs associated with full-time employees.  


photo by marcokalmann powered by flickr

or call 515-274-6703.


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