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Magnitude of March in Entrepreneur Interviews

Elephant measure by marcokalmann March 2, 2010

Mignon Fogarty is THE Grammar Girl and creator of the popular Quick and Dirty Tipswebsite where experts offer up concise and useful information on a myriad of topics. In this program we learn about Mignon’s incredible journey from top 100 iTunes podcaster to author of the New York Times best seller, “Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.” Mignon relates her phenomenal entrepreneurial journey and her thoughts on marketing -- with a few grammar tips as an extra bonus.


March 9, 2010

Randall Sorensen explains his background as a forensic accountant and how that experience led him on the entrepreneurial journey to create the Tax Return Score. This tool can help lenders more accurately determine loan risk over the use of credit data and credit score. This is a particularly relevant topic in these post meltdown days of our economy. We’ll start to understand the foundation for the Tax Return Score and how it can help. Randall also shares some interesting stories of forensic accounting in part one of this interview.


March 16, 2010

In part two we pick up our conversation with Randall Sorensen about the potential uses of the Tax Return Score and how it may help lenders make better lending decisions in the future. Randall talks about the interesting process of pitching this tool to lenders, credit bureaus and politicians. Could Tax Return Score be the paramount tool used by lenders in the future? We’ll explore that in this segment of the interview.


March 23, 2010

Alexander Grgurich of Foundry Coworkinghas been a passionate entrepreneur for about a decade . . . and he is only in his early 20s. In this interview we'll learn about his amazing experiences and insights about entrepreneurship, social media, and Des moines, Iowa. We'll also  talk about how entrepreneurs are rethinking the workspace, moving from home offices or coffee shop tables to spaces that allow them flexibility, office amenities and the potential to collaborate.


March 30, 2010

Suzanne Hull of Contemporary Business Solutions offers virtual services to business owners that yield tangible results. We’ll meet Suzanne and learn how she has moved from employee to business owner and the impetus behind the transition. Suzanne steps in to assist businesses on an as-needed basis saving them the costs associated with full-time employees.  


photo by marcokalmann powered by flickr


Suzanne Hull

Looking forward to our conversation!

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