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#154 Chad Kovac of K Ink Tattoo in Ankeny, Iowa

Wow. Where have I been? Luuuucy has some postin' to do! I've been busy adding content to my other sites and forgot to bring dsmBUZZ up to speed on some of the wonderful entrepreneurs I've been fortunate to interview. All of the Entrepreneur People Real Stories shows will also be/ are posted in the new EPRS site home for the show so maybe that's why I'm behind.

Kink-LOGO-OL-FINAL In this episode with Chad Kovac of K Ink Tattoo and Piercing, we get to know a person who has grown one successful cleaning service business  and then realized an epiphany and the desire to launch another business. Please excuse that my age is showing a bit in this interview about the tattoo culture. This is a terrific opportunity to learn not only about building a business but how tattoos have become such a mainstream attraction.

Organize Your Life Workshop

MAP Professional Development Inc. is a business that joins with the others here to stand together in the message that buying locally owned is important to our community. We are glad to keep you posted on the events of merchants that are a part of the dsmBUZZ community.


Christi Hegstad - pearl Christine D. Hegstad, Ph.D.
MAP Professional Development Inc.
Meaningful Careers, Purposeful Lives




Tuesday, May 4, 2010

9am – 12pm

Connxions Event Center

3901 NW 121stStreet, Urbandale, IA 50323


Ready to spring-clean your life and get unstuck? Join Dr. Christi Hegstad for Create Your Year of No Regrets, an energizing and thought-provoking workshop designed to help you create an astounding year for yourself. You’ll learn unique strategies for building on strengths, clarifying your vision, moving through barriers, and finding what you need to live your dream life. Whether you want to enhance your career, improve your health, build up your finances, or anything in between, the techniques (and 50-page workbook) will give you the jumpstart you need! Pre-registration required; details and testimonials can be found at www.TheLifeOfNoRegrets.com.

My Entrepreneurial Guts On the Ride

Roller coaster riding fellowship of the rich I made a promise to you that I'd share what I've learned from the marketing coaches I've worked with recently, and the efforts I'm making as far as promoting my  business Storied Gifts. Then I promptly put off writing this post. I know why, too. It's kind of painful and embarrassing to acknowledge my naive thinking . . . and also my impatience. I wanted to report great success but failed to acknowledge that the best success is making the effort and TRYING.

Recently, I've had several interviews through Entrepreneur People Real Stories that resonated.

In my interview with Doug Lipman of Story Dynamics he talked about his philosophy about marketing. He said that marketing is the process of letting people know what you do so that when they are in need of your service they'll think of you. Sigh of relief on my part. I get stressed with all the marketing guru talk and feel inadequate. When Doug said that I decided I can embrace that concept . . . inviting rather than feeling as if I'm pushing something.

So what have I been doing to let people know what I do?

  • Brainstorm with my Master Mind Group about connecting with others. I LOVE the group of ladies with whom I share a Master Mind.
  • Submitted my information for the Des Moines Register's "You Should Get to Know" segment. I've heard from many people about this article. It is a great opportunity that the Register offers to business people to let people know what they are doing. 
  • Started a mail campaign with Send Out Cards to connect with my contacts and let them know what I'm doing. I appreciate Send Out Cards because it has the tools to help me be organized AND the added bonus of being more timely and thoughtful with friends and family.
  • Increased my offerings through Storied Gifts. Through the coaching process I've realized there are several more services I can offer in tandem with my core service.
  • Improved the Storied Gifts layout so it is easier to find out more about what I do.
  • Provided EPRS it's own home. I've added content and links for the interviews for EPRS featured on Blog Talk Radio. To date, there have been more than 40,000 downloads of these interviews with terrific entrepreneurs who share their wisdom. Giving EPRS it's own home can help me promote their services and mine, too. It will take me awhile to load all the older shows and keep current.
  • Continued the show The Delicious Story to share these wonderful guests and their luscious stories of dining experiences. The show will increase the Storied Gifts presence as well as provide a unique place to talk about food conversation that feeds the soul. Look for some awesome guests coming up in our new studio location with Des Moines Amplified.

These are just a sampling of the activities. I know that some will work and what doesn't teaches me important lessons.  All of this will require my fortitude and consistency. In the upcoming interview on EPRS with David Meadows of United States Center for Entrepreneurship, he said that a primary reason he enjoys being an entrepreneur is that he lives in a constant state of hope. That rings true for me also.

To be in business is a roller coaster ride of disappointment with failure and enthusiasm with success. However it's a fun journey made easy when one believes in themselves and what they are doing.

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Actualized April Entrepreneurs 2010

Lightscameraaction by kevinv033 Actualas per Webseters, “Existing in act and not merely potentially.” I don’t know if I’m thinking about the word actual because I’m finally getting the EPRS lineup written or not. More likely I'm thinking about entrepreneurs interviewed for this month. Here are people that had a vision and actualized it into reality. Enjoy the inspiration and resources each provides.

April 6

Chad Kovac of K Ink Tattoo
The booming business of tattoo art and what it takes to achieve a successful business is the topic of this interview with Chad Kovac owner of the Ankeny, Iowa based shop called K Ink Tattoo. Chad has several years of successful small business ownership under his belt and found a new passion for tattoos in his second venture. It makes for an interesting story of how he went from one thought to an opposite mindset, and a business that caters to a wide variety of people seeking a safe and skilled place to receive a tattoo.

April 13

David Meadows of United States Center for Entrepreneurism
There are those of us who leap and learn . . . and others who like to know where they're headed before they launch their business. Either way, United States Center for Entrepreneurship has on-line resources that can help you with an ACTIONABLE plan. In this interview, founder David Meadows, who has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, explains how USCFE helps make the reality of entrepreneurism accessible to everyone with affordable, plan-based training, provided by experts so that individuals can navigate hands-on into their own venture. David provided a very gracious and inspiring interview you’ll enjoy.

April 20

Ken Price of Shop Watch Buy pt. one
Look on the about page of Shop Watch Buyand the quick explanation is that this portal helps sellers and buyers enjoy an experience akin to what would happen if QVC and Ebay meet up with Youtube. Indeed. Go out and take a look and you’ll find many sellers offering compelling information about their products, the features and benefits all via engaging video. Ken was so interesting with much information about not only his business but video in general that I asked for more of his time than usual. I’ve sectioned this interview into the first part which starts to explain the power of Shop Watch Buy and Ken’s interesting background story. The man knows his stuff. Enjoy.

April 27

Ken Price of Shop Watch Buy pt. two
Even I know that most businesses, especially small ones, are not even beginning to tap into the power of video to offer their products and services. In this second part of the interview with Ken Price of Shop Watch Buy he goes on to explain how video can be used in business and several resources for even the smallest of budgets to consider in creating their own video. For the customer, you already know that you like to know a lot about what you buy and on-demand video is becoming the preferred way to do your research before you buy.

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