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#156 Ken Price of Shop, Watch, Buy part one

I have been slow to embrace video for my own uses in business because I'm not keen on how I look on video, but MOSTLY because I was afraid to try and learn the technology. The above video is a first effort at using this really cool and easy service called Animoto. This segment was for an interview we had over at The Delicious Story featured on Des Moines Amplified.

I'll never achieve Francis Coppola stature for my video pieces but I'm an example that the technology and tools are there so that anyone can in fact be proficient at video editing and use.

Video is particularly important if you're trying to spread your business message because on-line video viewing continues to expand. As per CNET News people watch more than 3 hours of video a month. That's a lot of video when you consider that most segments are under 4 minutes long.  Video can capture attention.

This brings me back to the interview with Ken Price. He is smart, articulate, and really seems to know his stuff when it comes to video marketing hence he created Shop, Watch, Buywhich is the Home shopping Network/ Ebay experience for buyers and sellers on the web.It's an exciting opportunity for consumers and merchants to connect with easy, informative, and entertaining video. 

This is part one of the interview. Ken provided enough interesting content that I asked him to speak quite a bit on video so you'll hear the rest of his interview in the next post.


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