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Kelly Moore of Kelly Moore Consulting Is Right

Apple As I've mentioned before, I've worked with a couple of coaches (thanks Melanie Jordan and Dhyan Atkinson to find my marketing focus and develop my products in my various projects. It's been an effort but I apply myself and take off bits of the process each day.

I've started a mail campaign with my "inner circle" of contacts. If you're one of those special people that means I just send you a periodic card with a head's up as to what I'm doing. I embrace the marketing concept shared by Doug Lipman . "Marketing is just letting people know what you do so that when and if the time is right for them that they need your product or service they'll think of you." I like it. Seems non-threatening.

Other things I've been doing to that end include:

  • The "You Should Get to Know" piece in the Register was great.
  • I've done an interview with a host on Blog Talk Radio.
  • Spoke at a Mercy Hospice volunteer gathering.
  • Have been asked to speak at another lady's gathering for November.
  • I also blog more. It helps to place my recap of The Delicious Story episodes on Storied Gifts, too. Everything I do is focused on Story.
  • I've also got some ideas and plans for other things to do as a result of my coaching which I'll pursue.

Result: I've got some projects and potential projects in the works!

Another thing I dearly love doing is the interviews I've conducted for the past three years on the podcast Entrepreneur People, Real Stories. I've been reviewing those lately for the new EPRS website I've created and am loading the interviews there as well as on Blog Talk Radio.

I'm also preparing to write a "best of" book of some of the interviews so as part of that project I'm re-listening to the interviews. I just re-listened to Kelly Moore's interview on public relations. She talks about the importance of having a PR strategy as the foundation for building awareness about your business.

I like that thought. It seems to be working, and I realize its truth more now than I did a couple of years ago. I love hearing things again and "hearing" them anew. Don't you?


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