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Making the BIG Decision

I was attending my Master Mind Group last week and shared my struggles as to which way to go with my business activity. Currently I'm attempting to place a lot of content on several different websites and go about gathering interviews for shows (both EPRS and The Delicious Story. In the past couple of years certain "truths" have risen to the service about what I like to do and what ultimately generates revenue.

It's the wonderful kind of discovery that I've heard many entrepreneurs speak to as they move forward in business. They learn to let go of what does not work and re-invent their business as things evolve.

With that said, I've decided to take a hiatus from posting content to dsmBUZZ. Who knows . . . I never say never to most things, but I've found the clarity with my passions and where people seem most interested in what I do.

You can find the Entrepreneur People Real Stories shows on the new website where I'm also hanging the old podcasts, too. To date, there have been about 170 shows with exciting, driven, interesting entrepreneurs who share what they do, why they do it, and what they've learned along the way. There have been about 50,000 downloads of the shows.

You can find me on Storied Gifts where I talk about my passion for helping people share their stories of life, marriage, death, pets, reunions, and life events in a meaningful way. Learn about the value of sharing your life stories and discover how I help people get their stories preserved for family and friends.

Check out David and I at The Delicious Story. I love this program and the wonderful guests we've had thus far. A big huge exciting thank you to Des Moines Amplified for providing the community and space to make this show possible.

For those of you who have followed along as I learned life and entrepreneurial lessons on dsmbuzz, thank you. For those interested in knowing their local merchants and buying locally, keep right on at it as it helps your local economy. Thanks much. Sherry


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