July 6, 2010: Making the BIG Decision
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I was attending my Master Mind Group last week and shared my struggles as to which way to go with my business activity. Currently I'm attempting to place a lot of content on several different websites and go about gathering...

June 2, 2010: Trying 1888 Press Release
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Storied Gifts Featured Storied Gifts Launches Family Reunion Keepsakes... June, 2010 @ 1888PressRelease.com Sometime ago I mentioned I was marketing and would report in about my experiences. To date, I've got several projects as a result of reaching out to...

May 5, 2010: Kelly Moore of Kelly Moore Consulting Is Right
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As I've mentioned before, I've worked with a couple of coaches (thanks Melanie Jordan and Dhyan Atkinson to find my marketing focus and develop my products in my various projects. It's been an effort but I apply myself and take...

April 8, 2010: My Entrepreneurial Guts On the Ride
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I made a promise to you that I'd share what I've learned from the marketing coaches I've worked with recently, and the efforts I'm making as far as promoting my business Storied Gifts. Then I promptly put off writing this...

March 11, 2010: Confessions of An Entrepreneur?
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Several months ago I put it "out there" that I was working with business coach Melanie Jordan to try and get some focus over my business projects, identify true revenue streams, and gel an actual marketing strategy. Then I proceeded...

December 7, 2009: Where have all the boomers gone?
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About a month ago I started working with a coach by the name of Melanie Jordan and thus far I'd give the process a definite thumbs up. The arrangement we've agreed to is a conversation that goes back and forth...

November 16, 2009: The Delicious Story, I've got a Business Coach
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Is it wrong to admit that part of what I really enjoy about owning my own business is not just doing what I love, but also the exhilarating bipolarism of it all? One day I can be bummed and kind...

August 26, 2009: Downtime is a good time to . . .
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YOU name it and I think my mind went there over the past 18 or so days. David and I went to South Africa to visit our son who is serving in the Peace Corps. It was an amazing, expanding,...

July 20, 2009: Red Oak, Iowa - Coffee Shop's last day
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I'm hanging out in the wi-fi cabana at a local little coffee shop here in Red Oak, Iowa this morning. It's the bonus of being the relief driver for hubby peddling on RAGBRAI. For a time, I sat with two...

June 29, 2009: Who owes whom here?
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There’ve been a few posts that have caught my attention recently on the subject of small business and the buy local theme. It started with Drew McLellan's piecequestioning the decision by the Iowa Department of Economic Development to utilize a...

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