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It’s easy. Get your membership card for only $10 right here on line and it we’ll mail it to you right away.

dsmBUZZ membership gives you access to all the wonderful perks that locally owned small businesses have made available to you. They’re all on board offering these perks as a “thank you!” for supporting the program to shop locally owned more often.

Get your membership at a store:

Or, if you prefer to purchase it directly at a small business, they are for sale at the following locations:

Grounds for Celebration, all locations in Des Moines

Waveland Café, all three locations

Java B Good

With your card in hand, simply click on the “Register” button on dsmBUZZ site and provide your information and card number.

Why give us your information?

We do not and will not sell your information with anyone. Knowing you helps direct us to adding new businesses in to the network, and keeps you informed about other perks that we have planned to benefit the growing community of members.

Thanks for joining and becoming part of the voice buy locally often with dsmBUZZ!

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