March 30, 2008: virtuous and viral
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A cast of many international brains with expertise in marketing and social media, including many central Iowa Bloggers, has culminated their great thoughts for the purpose of doing good for children. These profound thinkers have gathered ideas in the second...

September 30, 2007: New tech stuff. What do you think?
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Has anyone tried the new BlogRush tool? I found out about it from Denise Wakeman at Biz Tip Blog and am wondering how others feel about it? They are apparently undergoing some overhaul issues but the idea is sort of...

September 2, 2007: IowaBiz is a great resource even if you live out of Iowa
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Ahh! Sunday reading, and a long weekend to boot. I'm probably the only crazy sitting at my computer at this moment because the temperature outside in Des Moines, Iowa are lovely--mid 80s, sunny, breezy. It's quite nice. David is taking...

August 26, 2007: finding janet green
Comments: 1 | Categories: sunday blog peruse
It's strange how things work... (karma, the universe, forces, energy, whatever). I'm looking at my list in my RSS feed and realizing I've not added anyone new for some time. Partly that's because when I hit the add button the...

August 19, 2007: podcasting for bucks?
Comments: 1 | Categories: sunday blog peruse
I happened on to Leesa Barnes by way of listening to another podcast where she was interviewed. I was instantly hooked first by her manner of speaking which is very "up" but at the same time relaxed and authentic. On...

August 18, 2007: my secret - not a fancy package but useful
Comments: 1 | Categories: sunday blog peruse
It's only taken me 45 years to learn the secret but now that I've got it, I'll share it with you right here. No glitzy media campaign and no momentous lead up. Are you ready? The trick to getting the...

August 5, 2007: how do you do it?
Comments: 0 | Categories: sunday blog peruse
I was lamenting over the subject of time management and getting my blog reading done with Timothy Johnson of Carpe Factum this past Friday morning at our monthly central Iowa blogger social hour. Since then, I've decided to focus my...

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